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Quietly popping in from my bed because I have two little gals sleeping next to me. Yes, Olivia is wearing a full fledged formal dress --- to nap time. My friend asked me if we could watch her daughter a few days and when I told Olivia her little friend was coming and that I would need her help she shrieked with excitement. 
She's obsessed with her and still hasn't stopped asking if she can have a baby sister. 

Semi-related but I've been asked (through the blog and in real life) how I keep our sheets so white. I've had these for about a year now and they still look brand new. Wash with HOT water, the regular amount of detergent, a 1/4 cup of bleach, with an extra rinse cycle. They look brand new still with two toddlers and a dog that sleeps in bed. 

Clinic I is over in school and I start Lab I on Tuesday. Finished off the intense first 8 weeks with a 93%! Nailed it. I was wearing my lab coat and scrubs the other day and now Rich won't stop calling me Bill Nye the Science Guy. 

I'm hosing a co-ed bridal shower in less than a month and we're doing an 'I Do BBQ theme'. I can't wait to show you all that I have planned but here's a little sneak peak: 

Purchased here on Etsy
These invites also from Etsy
Backyard string lights, bonfire, some country music, BBQ comfort food, and celebrating the couple. 

Is anyone else still crying from last week's This Is Us? Every time I watch the show --- I cry. Without fail. Rich walked in on one of my blubber fests and without skipping a beat said, "PMS'ing pretty bad, huh?" Thanks babe. 

I finally did what all the cool kids are doing and bought this bad boy. I'm in love.

I just ordered myself a new spring purse. (God I love online shopping!) I have a lot of dark colored purses so this is a pretty spring time color that will go with everything. Under $60 doesn't hurt either!

Purse found here 

I just started reading this book and am resisting the urge to just jump right into the tv show. Has anyone read it/watched it? Thoughts? 

You guys know what a big Sperry fan I am. I know, I know, Spring is around the corner but these pretties are on sale RIGHT NOW for just $70!

Have a great weekend!
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Disneyland 2017: Part Three: Our Little Cinderella

Our second day in Disney we went to the actual Disneyland. 

We finally had a no-rain, no-barf day!

We went to Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique first where Olivia got a princess makeover with her fairy godmother. Worth every penny!


She chose a new princess dress then it was time for hair, nails, and makeup.


The reveal. She didn't see herself until the very end: 

She badly wanted a pair of Cinderella heels but mean mom said no way. Im no Miss Cleo but I could see her complaining that her feet hurt almost immediately after walking in them if we allowed her to get them. 

We went across the way to ride Dumbo. While in line we saw Princess Aurora and Merida. Merida is my favorite princess so it was kind of a bummer that we were in line and didn't get out to get a photo with her. 

After a few rides we went to meet Minnie, Mickey, and Pluto.

The wait was only 10 minutes to meet Minnie, then you get to walk through her house. 

The wait for Mickey and Pluto was a lot longer but their house was a lot bigger and way cool. 

We didn't make any dining plans because I thought one character experience was enough for a weekend. When you make too many plans you're on that schedule and have to race through the park to get to each reservation. Cancelling reservations too late and you get a fee, wanting to change your reservation time? That's almost never able to be accommodated. 
We had burgers at Galactic Grill which is the Star Wars themed part of the park and they were delicious!

Again, I snap chatted most of the day so I don't have permanent photos to share. So dumb. We went on tons of rides then headed back to our hotel for naps in the afternoon. We found this was the smartest way to go so they could enjoy the parks early in the mornings, take great naps, then head out again for evening activities. 

When we returned in the evening, Goofy was there to greet us. Liam of course demanded a fist bump like he did with Princess Anna. 

Rich and Olivia went on scary rides while Liam and I did some shopping and character finding. 

We stayed for the Main Street Magical Lights Parade which the kids LOVED. 

*Not my photo*

Rich and Olivia stood in line to ride race cars after the parade and Liam passed out for the night in his stroller while waiting. He slept through the fireworks and slept through carrying him out of the park, on the shuttle, into bed, and slept so hard that we had to physically wake him up the next morning to go to the airport --- where he slept again on the plane. Big weekend for a little guy. 

+ We rented strollers from Disney instead of bringing our own. Less stuff to carry on and off the shuttle. Stroller rentals are only $15 each or 2 for $25 for the entire day. Save your receipt. When we left in the afternoon we returned our strollers, then when we got back we just showed our receipt to get two new ones. Disneyworld strollers are a bit more expensive so this was a nice surprise when we found out they were pretty cheap. They DO NOT have double strollers so keep that in mind in your adult to kids ratio. 

+ SAVE YOUR TICKETS! When you leave they put a clear stamp on your hand that you can see under a blacklight but when you return they scan your ticket and your photo appears - they didn't even check our hands. 

+ Bring water. A bottle of water is $4.58. That one sucked. Olivia "stole" a bottle of water from a vendor and opened it. I walked up to the cashier with two dollars in my hand and was shocked when I heard the actual price. Buy your $2.50 waters from your hotel and bring 'em with in a backpack. 

+ Snacks. We brought goldfish and pretzels to munch on. Otherwise you're spending $6 for a tiny bag of popcorn to share. 

+ Fast pass? I highly highly highly recommend these in DisneyWORLD but we never once used them in Disneyland. I think the longest we waited for a ride was a little under 60 minutes for the Toy Story ride and it was worth it. This is when the snacks and your cell phones come in handy if you have young ones. 

+ While we had an absolute blast but if given the choice, I would do Disney world over land anytime. 

Disneyland 2017: Part Two: Cars and Dinner with the Princesses

Day one over here. You've been warned. 

Our second day in Anaheim went a little more smooth. Less vomit, but more rain. We weren't going to let the rain stop us even though every parent in line was frantically looking at the weather and worrying about the money we all just spent. 
At our hotel Rich bought the tickets for the four of us for all day passes (one day for each park, not even the park hoppers) and when the gal said "your total will be $576" I saw the young couple behind Rich's eyes just widen and she whispered "we're never having kids". 
Luckily Liam was free since he was two. 3+ is a little cheaper than adult prices. 

When the kids saw where we were they started hugging and melted my heart! This PDA between them doesn't happen often so yes, it had to be documented and mentioned here. 

The rain wasn't too bad in the morning. Just sprinkles. We went straight for the Cars park because that was the whole reason we went and we didn't want to get rained out. There was a big line for a ride and I told Rich to wait in it while I found out if the kids were even big enough for it. 

It was Radiator Springs Racers and you had to be 40" or taller. Good news for Olivia, bad news for Liam. The wait time was about 45 minutes so I told Rich to take Olivia because she loves roller coasters and Liam and I aren't big fans of rides. 
Liam and I walked around Radiator Springs checking out the Cozy Cone, Flo's Diner, and more. We went on Mater's Junkyard Jamboree which I loved and thought would be nice and tame for us. Liam wasn't impressed. 
We agreed to skip the rest of the rides and just stroll the town. 

The highlight of that part of the park was when Lightning McQueen himself appeared and drove around town stopping at the Cozy Cone. We followed and were the first, and only, ones in line for photos. I don't think people realized he was set up for photo ops because nobody lined up for a solid 5 minutes. 

Olivia and Rich finally got back to us after waiting more than 60+ minutes in line but they said it was worth it. My fear of rides and peeing my pants will just have to take their word on that. 

We walked around the rest of the park and went on (Mama and Liam friendly): 

The kids were getting cranky so we decided to take the shuttle back to our hotel where the four of us dried off and took naps. 

We had reservations at 4pm for Ariel's Grotto which is spendy, but very worth it if you have a little girl obsessed with princesses. When you arrive you head downstairs and are greeted by Ariel. I thought Olivia was going to start crying happy tears. 

Once seated a prince came out to greet the room. He introduced us to Princesses one by one every 10 minutes or so. First up, Belle. Each princess came to every table to spend time with the kids and take photos. I stupidly snap chatted most pictures so I don't have tons of photos to share. I do have this adorable video when Cinderella was announced and arrived: 

Then came Rapunzel and Tiana. 

Messy hair c/o the rain - check
Unplanned sweatpants and sweatshirts because of the cold - check 
I had the cutest outfits picked out for each day but it was just too cold. 

We sang Happy Birthday to Liam since this was maybe, technically his birthday present. Suddenly the rain came and we were stuck. Obviously it was a great place to be stuck in for awhile. The restaurant had lots of cancellations so they told everyone we could wait until it slowed down. 

It finally slowed down after about 45 minutes so we ventured out around the park again. Most people had left so there were virtually NO LINES for anything! 

We went to Animation Academy  to get out of the rain and I'm so glad we did because hidden inside.... Anna and Elsa! With a very short wait for each. 

Liam took Anna's hands and set them on her knees palms up, none of us knew what he was going to do then gave her a double low-five. He grabbed her hand, made a fist, and gave her a fist bump. 

No shyness from either child. 

We went to a special 3-D screening of the new Beauty and the Beast movie and OH. MY. GOD. I CAN'T WAIT! It seriously looks so good. 
While you wait for the showing you're in a room with the dress Emma Watson wore in the movie, and the rose from the movie. 

We did a few more rides then called it a night. Both kids fell asleep in our arms while heading back to our hotel. 

Part III tomorrow of our day at Disneyland Park. 

Disneyland 2017 Part One: The Gross

As I mentioned before, Rich and I planned a very spontaneous trip for the four of us to go to Disneyland just 2 weeks after we got the idea. We told the kids we were going somewhere but didnt tell them where. 
We dropped Olivia off at pre-school and when we picked her up later that afternoon we went straight to the airport. Prepare yourself if you have a weak stomach but here we go.....


The kids did great on the flight. The kids and I had our own row and Rich was just across from us. Both kids slept and were very well behaved the entire 3+ hour flight. 

Both kids are fascinated with pilots and incorrectly calls them "pirates". When we got off the plane Liam was smiling and waving at the pilot then darted for the cockpit. I panic-grabbed him and the captain say "it's okay, come on up buddy!" Liam went for buttons to push and again I told him "no no no!"
Captain: "It's okay, push whatever you want. Have a seat!" 

His day was made

We got our luggage and an uber. Again, both kids were totally FINE! Because of LA traffic it was estimated that our ride would be 1.5 hours. All is well with me in the backseat with the kids and Rich up front. Yes, we had carseats. Settle down internet police. Roughly a half hour into our ride, Liam PROJECTILE VOMITS ALL OVER THE ENTIRE CAR. Hitting the driver and everything. I put myself on top of him to try and catch most of it with my clothing but it didn't work. 
Rich takes his shirt off to try and wipe up the mess but he might as well of handed me a tissue to clean up a gallon of milk spilling. That bad.
The car reaks. I apologize profusely and the guy just keeps saying 'it's ok'. Even though I know it's not. 
Olivia wants her clothes off, Liam wants his clothes off, I want my clothes off. Two out of three of us got to take our clothes off. 

Maybe 45 minutes later, Olivia PROJECTILE VOMITS ALL OVER THE ENTIRE CAR. If there was any part of any clothing or part of the car that was puke-free, it was now covered. I mean it was in our hair and all. The driver offered to pull over so we could get new clothes on from our suitcase in the trunk but I only packed exactly the amount of outfits we all needed for the weekend so we could just pack one suitcase. I didn't know if they'd ralph again ruining more clothes so I declined. 

Fast forward- we walk into our hotel to check in and just picture it... Mom covered in vomit. Covered. Dad wearing just shorts that are covered in vomit. A 3.5 year old in just her undies. A 2 year old in just his diaper. Everyone ahead of us waiting to check in quickly told us to just go ahead of them. Thank you!

We get to our room and all shower together. Then..... they were FINE! What the hell was that guys? 

We stayed at the Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel which was perfect. We didn't stay "on" the resort like we typically do. We were trying to keep it a little cheaper since we planned it in just two weeks. The room was huge. Tons of space for them to run around and get their wiggles out before bed. 

The reviews show that the hotel is just across the street from Disney but this isn't entirely true. There's no way to walk there from the hotel with the traffic and the highway. The good news is, there is a shuttle that runs every half hour dropping people off and picking people up. 

I don't have personal pics from the hotel so here is a stock photo from their website showing why the kids called it "our castle home"

+ Huge room
+ Great restaurant. Great breakfast with a large buffet.
+ Disney help desk
+ Nemo and Dori were in the fish tank in the lobby. Both kids said hello and goodbye to Nemo and Dori every time we walked into or out of the lobby. 

+ Not many. I kept seeing Starbucks cups and got excited but unfortunately, no S.Bucks in the hotel. I still don't know where everyone got them.... 
+ Since it's not an official Disney hotel, the restaurant isn't the most kid friendly place but it was never packed. 
+ The washing machines were broken when we were there. See above for why this wasn't great for us. 

Stay tuned. Tomorrow I'll blahhhhhg all about Day 1 at Disney California Adventure Park. 

Little Man Style

I love dressing Liam. I hate when people say there's never anything cute for little boys. I especially love that he's at the age where he doesn't yet have a say in what he wears so I keep it one of two ways: Little Gentleman Preppy or Funky-Funny-Fresh. 

Just Ride sweats: Liam is wearing these sweats right now with the T-Rex skateboarding tee. I saw these at the store and had to immediately get them. I paid full price but it looks like if you get them online they're cheaper! 

Regulators Tee: I love this shop. I've actually purchased a lot of items from them including the 'sippy cup', mini van tee, and more. Check them out, but only if you like 90's rap and have a sense of humor. 

Jordan High Tops: My friend bought Liam these shoes for his birthday they're an instant favorite in our house. I want him to wear them everywhere but somehow keep them bright white at the same time... 

Sperry Shoes: I can't get enough of these for myself and Liam. I love mine and need more.  He outgrew his first pair I got him and even though he has MORE THAN ENOUGH shoes (see this post here for proof - he does indeed have all those shoes in the layout) I can't help but want to get him a new pair, maybe in navy. 

Muted Camo Pullover: Oh my what can I say about this company? I'm in love with every single thing they make for girls and boys. I just wish they'd make this sweater in my size because it's so soft. 

T-Rex Skateboarding Tee: I bought this at H&M and paid full price, just like the jogger pants, they're on sale online right now! Don't wait! 

Poplin Pants: I don't own these yet but will definitely purchase in all 3 colors because the price can't be beat. These can either be long or cuffed up then buttoned to become capris. Perfect if you size up and don't want your little dude tripping over his long pants. 

Sweater: Are you guys getting mini Scott Disick vibes with this sweater as well? 

And of course..... my favorite shirt of all: 

My shirt I made!  Shop here. Just $20



Life Lately

|| o n e ||

Liam turned two last week so we had a Cars Birthday party on Saturday and went to Chuck E. Cheese on his actual birthday. The party didn't stop there because two days after his birthday we had a little stay-cation. We rented a hotel near town so we could swim, order room service, watch movies, and eat popcorn. 

Olivia: Hey look! They have candy! (When spotting the vending machine)
Me: Keep moving

We went to dinner at Pizzeria Pezzo which was honestly the best pizza I've had since New York City. I ate at Lombardi's in NYC years ago and have been picky about pizza ever since because Lombardi's was SO.DEL.IC.IOUS.  I've had pizza when I went to Italy and still couldn't top New York's. I'm very picky and Little Caesars and Pizza Hut just never do it for me. If you're in the area try the #10. I saw ricotta and goat cheese and was immediately sold. The kids were given little plates with pizza dough and flour so they could pretend to make their own dough. Very cute. 

There was a group of 8 year old girls in the pool when we were in there having a birthday party and Liam promptly crashed the party. They seemed to like him so it was all good. 

|| t w o || 

Since my kids are so deprived and never get anything the fun still doesn't stop there. We booked our trip to California to go to Disney Land in 2.5 weeks. Very spontaneously. The kids have been to Disney World numerous times and we have to go to 'Land because they have this: 

Liam's going to shriek "Cars" over and over and over the entire time we're in Radiator Springs. I'm sure of it. 
We're going to pick Olivia up from school and head straight to the airport not telling them where we're going until we get there. Stay tuned because I'll blahhhhhhgggg alllllllll about it. 

|| t h r e e || 

Olivia and I went shopping this weekend for our dresses for our friends' wedding. Matron of Honor gown and a flower girl dress. I'll leave it to you to figure out which is whom. 

Can you spot the overly proud, obnoxious, mama-razzi? 

|| f o u r ||

Our Super Bowl party is this weekend which is our biggest party ever. This will be 10 years (I think??) of Rich and I hosting it. We go big. Stay tuned. Plenty of Soup-Herb-Bowl recipes and decorations coming your way you lucky reader, you. 

|| f i v e ||

Saturday we're going to another annual celebration: the giant tree burning festival at my friends' uncle's house on the lake. Last year: 

Minnesotan-Red Neck Life: fires, party, snow mobiles, beers, all on the lake. 
There's a full bar in a heated tent, band, and more. Her uncle knows how to throw a party!

|| s i x || 

In two months my gals and I will be taking a girls' weekend. We're renting a huge house in Duluth for my pal's bachelorette party! 
Do I ever sit still? Nope. 

|| s e v e n || 

Is anyone else ready to quit Facebook? So ready. 

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Cars Birthday

A couple weeks ago we celebrated Liam's birthday with a Disney Cars themed fiesta. There were a total of 7 kids that all had a great time as evidenced by high pitched shrieking shrills.

7 kids ages 3 and under. Everybody needed naps after

I grabbed a cheap pack of stickers to add to the name tags. 
When I have things printed on heavier paper I always go with Staples and have it printed on 8 point glossy. 

If you need cookies for any event at all, go with PetesCustomCookies 
He packages the cookies individually with great care so they arrive intact. Not only do they look awesome, and he does custom orders(see how it says "Liam" instead of "Cars" in the logo) but they taste great and melt in your mouth. 
Seriously, check him out. 

Background is just a cheap plastic tablecloth taped to the wall. Happy Birthday sign from the free printable link above.
Yes, this photo is giving me serious vertigo too. 

Handmade cake.
I kid. I kid. Store bought all the way. 

Don't tell the kids but we're surprising them with a trip to DisneyLand next month!
We've done Disney World many times but Disney Land in Cali has the Disney Cars exhibit. 

Happy Birthday Bud! 

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