A Christmas Announcement!

So I bought a frame from Target ($7.99) for a baby photo with peach lettering since we don’t know if Baby O is a boy or girl yet. I put a note that says “Picture Coming July 2013″ over the adorable black and white baby model the frame came with and plan to give this to my grandma on Christmas.
My dad and one of my brothers already knows so I plan to have Gram open this in front of the family and see how long it takes her to realize what the gift is saying. For a brief moment I thought about putting an ultrasound photo in the frame but so many people go to my Grandma’s house on a regular basis and I’d feel weird having my uterus framed and on display for all of the fam to see, so a note it is.
Super stoked to finally announce to the entire family since Christmas Day is the official first day of our 2nd trimester. Weeeeee!

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