It's a....

Well… maybe. I’ve gotten a bit obsessed with finding out since I’m almost positive this is a girl. Which is funny because before I got pregnant I always said I’d be the one with all boys. Who knows! Maybe I am having a boy but my gut is saying girl. 
My symptoms all point towards girl and all old wives tales are telling me this is a girl. So I’ve been googling and trying all these miscellaneous gender prediction tests: the baking soda test, the Draino test, the red cabbage test, the key test, the ring over your belly test, the one where you pee on your keyboard and if it smells sour it’s a boy, if it’s – okay I made that last one up. 
I did the baking soda test this morning and it told me this was a girl. How to: use a disposable cup and put some baking soda- not powder- in the bottom of the cup. I didn’t measure anything out, I just put some in there. Add your morning urine, again I didn’t measure, just put some in there. If it fizzes, you’re having a boy. If it doesn’t fizz, you’re having a girl. 
Obviously only a Doctor will know “for sure” but it’s fun to try to figure out on your own and see which tests are correct. I can’t wait to plan a gender reveal party!
Oooh by the way, the Palace just announced Kate Middleton and Prince William are expecting a baby as well. Kate and I will probably have playdates and become BFFs :)  

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