If you're anything like me you have drawers full of shit you don't need throughout the house. This morning I got ambitious and tackled 3 of them.

One of my drawers had the following in them: 8,357 bobby pins, old printer ink, 4 Halloween dog costumes, a $5 famous footwear gift card, Valentines day cards from 2 years ago, a Ryan Seacrest sing along card, tons of random USB thumb drives, a thousand expired coupons, miscellaneous earrings without their partners, my social security card, my missing passport, 2 place mats- where are the other 2??, fake eyelashes- ew, about 900 pens, Shawn White gum, prenatal vitamins (not in a jar, just poured out randomly), etc etc etc. I finally just took the drawer out of its slot and poured it into the trash.

I received a ton of baskets that held wedding gifts and I LOVE how handy these have become. Below are some of my accomplishments today. We'll see how long they stay in their baskets until they end up thrown in another drawer...

My Scentsy scents and lightbulbs. I have two of these lamps and am OBSESSED! 

I like to think this will help us out for a long time but its only a matter of time before all these pens, markers and pencils are randomly around the house again. 
8 rolls of scotch tape- seriously how do I have so much tape???, chalk, markers, crayons (all separated in their own plastic baggies), scissors, safety pins, sewing kits, basically a "junk drawer basket"

Okay this is my favorite part! I took an old 3-ring binder and those clear plastic inserts and put ALL of our manuals, service plans and warranties all together in one spot. Neat, huh? 

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