Snoogle vs. Preggle

Pregnancy Pillows! So I ended up getting both of these for Christmas (thanks husband and mother in law!) and wasn't sure which one I was going to keep initially. I read the reviews and both had great reviews from other moms who said they were a lifesaver during pregnancy. I couldn't decide- so I kept both! 

Snoogle: The white one on the left shaped like a "C"
This entire body pillow does it all. The package says it'll do the work of 5 pillows and yep- it does! You don't need your regular head pillow anymore. Supports your back, hips and tummy. I was hoping this would help to train me to sleep on my left side but so far neither pillow does that. I start off on my left but wake up in the morning on my back with the giant pillow kicked onto the floor. 
It comes with a card showing 8 different positions to use the pillow for. I typically use it like a cuddle buddy, facing it with my back open and my stomach against the pillow. 

Preggle: The zebra striped messed up looking "u" on the right
This one is not a full body pillow (-5 points) but it IS a lot chubbier? fluffier? thicker? than the Snoogle (so +5 points back). You use this one with your regular pillow and it just tucks right between your legs. Great when your hips are killing you! The end of it has two straps that velcro together. I honestly have no idea what the f*ck this is for. This one came with a cute cover in a light khaki zebra pattern so bonus points for being cute. 

The Snoogle was purchased on Amazon and the Preggle was bought at Babies 'R Us. Both are roughly $50. 

I sleep with both equally and trade off every night depending on my mood. If I HAD to choose, I'd go Snoogle. 

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