Sonaline B Fetal Heart Doppler

I'd heard of so many women on my baby boards that owned one of these and decided I had to purchase one for myself. I purchased this on eBay for $58.36 with free shipping. (I bought the pink one at 3MHz.) Click here for a link to the eBay seller's store

This thing is seriously amazing. You can actually hear your baby's heartbeat at home. It suggests you wait until you are at least 12 weeks along otherwise it can be very very hard to find the heartbeat on your own. I received it and used it when I was 13 weeks along and found the heartbeat in about 3 minutes.

The LCD display tells you when you've found your baby's heartbeat and shows how many bpm (beats per minute) they're "clocking in" at. The first time around the baby was around 152 bpm. I just used it again earlier this week and the baby was at 158 bpm. I had my 15 week appointment with my midwife this Tuesday and the heartbeat was at 160 bpm exactly. So this thing seems fairly accurate.

The doppler comes with one packet of ultrasound gel that you need to use to find the HB. The stuff lasts about 10 sessions and actually smells pretty good. I do need to buy more and haven't found where to buy that yet. I've heard some people just use aloe vera gel like for sunburns but I don't know if that would damage the doppler at all....? I'll just keep searching for more goo.

When you find it, it sounds a bit like a washing machine/galloping horse. Here's a video of me using the doppler today. At :52 is the swooshing around in the placenta. At 1:30 you hear the galloping noise- the heartbeatThen my camera died (of course.)

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