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We find out in less than a week whether Baby O is a girl or a boy. In the meantime I'm scouring different nursery themes and found a few things I had to share. I will not have a monkey theme nursery or an all pink pepto bismol puke fest nursery. Monkeys are very cute but EVERYONE and their sister-in-law have a monkey theme. So here are a couple of my top faves: 

If he's a boy I MUST have this dinosaur lamp! The nursery bedding is cute (I give it a 7/10) but this lamp is a must. Hey, boy or girl I'm getting this lamp, I'd even keep it on my nightstand!  

Here's the matching bedding. It's the Heidi Klum collection from Babies R US. I like the bedding and the drapes but wouldn't go as far as painting the walls blue and green. I'd have this but a little more subtle.

For a girl I'm avoiding the whole Princess-pepto-bismol-ballerina theme and just going for more of a color-scheme rather than a character theme like the above. 

I love love love the light gray with a hint of pale pink. Chevron is a favorite of mine and since it's very in right now you can find it just about anywhere. I'm liking the damask but a little more subtle than the photo above. 

We'll see on Saturday if I'm getting a dinosaur lamp for a baby or for myself- either way I'm getting that lamp! 

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