It's a GIRL!

Wow I've been neglecting this blog. Ooops! It's been a crazy couple of months and ever since finding out we're having a GIRL I've been shopping and nursery decorating like crazy.

We had the ultrasound on February 12th and told the tech to write down GIRL or BOY but not to tell us anything. She wrote down the results and sealed in an envelope. I immediately took the envelope to a local bakery where they already knew I'd be coming with whether they should bake the inside of the cake pink or blue.

The cake. It took every ounce of me not to poke the cake to cheat and find out the results 
We obviously had a football themed pink vs. blue party where I had guests wear pink or blue tailgating beads and had pink and blue football themed buttons to show their vote. Guests wore pink or blue shirts to display whether they thought Baby O was a he or a she.

Blue VS. Pink
The sealed envelope. Disregard my serious need for a manicure. (Awkwardly held to cover up my personal info) 


I seriously thought we were having a boy the whole time. DaddyO was sure she was a girl and he was right. I'm secretly happy I was wrong :) I've been having such a blast buying girly stuff and picking names. Cannot wait for our little one to arrive!

And finally, a photo we received during our 20-week scan/anatomy scan. I didn't notice this at first until friends thought I sent them a "joke" photo. This is seriously real and I'm sure the thing on the left was either a leg or the umbilical cord.... 

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