I can't wait to ________ sans fetus

I find myself constantly saying "I can't wait to .... again." In only a few short months I will be able to cross some of these items off my "I can't wait to" list!

1. This. You know those places that serve those giant fish bowl drinks with tons of straws and you're required to share with 2-4 more people? That. But all mine. I get uber jealous everytime we go to a restaurant and Rich orders a tall beer and the glass comes out and it's all frosty-- yea that. Mmmmm....

2. Roller coasters - for no reason other than I'm not allowed to right now. I've got my eye on the Hulk Ride at Universal Studios.

3. Workout. I mean hard core workout. I am really excited to not only get my pre-baby body back but to get it back with a vengance. I got a new treadmill in October and found out a week later that I'm pregnant so it's been collecting dust for me until I can rock it again. I can't wait to do the Jillian Michaels 30-day shred, HIIT running and starting the Tone It Up nutrition plan .I've been wanting to start this clean eating plan for a number of years but hesitated to because of the cost. Recently I decided that I would finally go for it! I love these girls! Their bodies are sick! Definitely my goal body. They have free videos on youtube with routines, recipes on their website and a community for members. I will absolutely be doing TIU check ins and reviews when I start the plan after baby.

4. Soak in a hot tub or at the very least take a scorching hot bath. I like my baths and showers to be hot. Like, turns your skin red hot. It's not the healthiest for your skin but oohhhh does it feel good!

5. Walk up the stairs without panting like a fatty. I breathe through my mouth very Eli Manning like and I'm pretty self conscious about it.

Me lately

6. 3 words: Trenta. Iced. Coffee. It's the big gulp of coffee sizes at Starbucks. I have a serious caffeine addiction and the heart palpitations to prove it (along with a very large bill from my hospital running all the tests). I can't wait to guzzle one of these again.

7. Sleep on my stomach. Or I suppose just sleep through the night. I heard that's rough to do with an infant though.

8. Eat chipotle or really any food at all without chomping on a package of tums afterwards. I shit you not I keep a jug of tums at my desk, in my purse and on my nightstand. I ALWAYS have tums handly. Damn heartburn. My favorite are the tropical fruit flavored ones. I can pretend they're sweet tarts :)

9. Put socks on standing up again.

10. Finally, something sappy... I can't wait to hold her! I can't wait until she's here and I'm holding her and kissing her and snuggling her :) Then I'm going to guzzle my coffee while jumping in a hot tub in my new rockin' body after a long stomach sleeping nap after a calorie-free & heartburn free taco bell and martini binge.

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