Product Review: Moby Wrap vs. Seven Sling

Baby wearing is a must when you have a fussy pants like mine who MUST be held at all times. I have swings and bouncy seats and bassinets and nappers but there's no place like mom's chest for my little one. It makes things like brushing my teeth and eating nearly impossible when I just cannot put her down for any reason. She loses it- totally loses it- if I put her down when she's awake. Which is okay with me because I like that she wants to be near me :)

Like a lot of moms/pregnant women I found the site for the free 'Seven Sling' wrap. You can find the code anywhere online and only have to pay shipping for the wrap which was like $11.95.

Look at how fun and carefree these moms are! Uh huh...that's not how it went for us....

I received my wrap and after a couple hours of frustration trying to figure the stupid thing out I finally got it placed properly on me. There are absolutely no You Tube videos on how to put it on, you just have to try to figure out what the girl in the pictures is doing- not easy.

I put BO (Baby O) in the wrap and she hated it right off the bat. I thought I had put her in incorrectly but everything seemed right- she just didn't like it. I also didn't feel 100% secure with being hands free with her while wearing it. We used it for all of 10 seconds and decided it wasn't for us. It's now collecting dust in a drawer somewhere.

I had heard of the Moby Wrap of course but hesitated buying it because it is a little pricy (roughly $50) and I didn't want to purchase something she may hate again. I watched tons of You Tube videos on how to properly put it on and how to put baby in the wrap until I was confident in how to use it. I purchased the wrap and was able to put it on correctly on my very first try.

A lot of people complain that it's confusing and give up. I really can't understand manuals with pictures and what the hell they're doing in the photos so You Tube is my go-to how-to. There's tons of videos from real women showing you exactly how to put it on and it's like riding a bike now; it just comes naturally wrapping it up.

I put BO in the Moby while she was having a meltdown (because I set her down) and she INSTANTLY quieted down when I put her in the Moby. She seriously loves it and so does mom! I can be hands-free and I completely trust holding her in it. She feels very secure.

I love that it helps me with my terrible posture as well. During pregnancy and through breastfeeding I've been hunched over and the Moby wrap is helping me to stand and sit straight up.

I would suggest the Moby wrap to any new mom- this thing is my new best friend. There are a few different holds you can do but right now she's enjoying the Newborn Hug Hold

Moby suggests your baby be at least 8 pounds before using the wrap.

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