Baby Items I Actually Used and Those I Didn't

My Musts:
  1. Mama Roo. BO is now 4.5 months old so she's too big for it now but for those first 4 months it was a total life saver. That's where she slept, where she napped, played, ate - everything. It is a little spendy but I would definitely recommend to any mom. 
  2. Halo Sleep Sacks My favorite is this one, which she's currently wearing now while puking on the carpet. I love cupcake theme baby stuff. She has a cupcake sleep sack, cupcake pants, & onesies. Maybe it's because I ate so many while pregnant and have grounded myself from them that I'm so obsessed. I love these sleep sacks because we swaddled her arms in until she was able to roll over and I can continue using them now with her arms out. They just keep her sleeping better. Last night we got a whole 7 hours! 
  3. Video Baby Monitor. We have this one. It's great for when she's sleeping or napping we can see her and hear her. Highly recommend the video over just the sound ones. I love looking at it and seeing her sleepy little squishy face. 
  4. Disney Jr. I will forever have this song mashed into my brain: 
DO and I have this shit saved on our phones, iPads, laptops, you name it. When she's pitching a fit we turn this on and she's instantly quiet. Some genius parent made a YouTube video of it on repeat for an hour and I would love to thank them. 

Save your money: 

  1. Boppy. She just didn't dig it. Same goes for the My Brest Friend pillow. It worked for me for about 2 weeks. I don't breastfeed anymore so it's collecting dust under her crib now.
  2. Fancy changing table. I bought it while pregnant and quickly found that you're going to change your baby wherever you are. It's 3 floors away from where we usually are in the living room. I change her on the floor, the ottoman, the bed. It's pretty but not used often. She's too wiggly for it now too. She's constantly rolling over and sitting up so it's a safety hazard to even try to change her on it. Ever tried to put pants on an octopus? Same thing.
  3. Moby Wrap. Again, she just isn't into it. Who has time to wrap and tie that thing? I'm currently selling mine on eBay. If I had known it was just a long piece of fabric I would have gone to JoAnn Fabrics to make my own. (Just kidding, no.... I wouldn't have.) 
  4. Baby shoes. She has a million. She even has Uggs; I don't even have Uggs. She doesn't ever wear them and if she does 1 is automatically missing the minute you put it on her foot after struggling with her kicking all over the place trying to get it on. Stick with socks and stock up because 1 is always missing of those too. 

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