Christmas Gifts for Him, Mama & Baby

1. Dropcam Pro I bought my husband this video monitoring indoor camera for Christmas and we both love it! We set it up in our kitchen which has a view from the front door, living room and kitchen. The best part about the camera is you can talk to people/pets in the room while you're out. My dad was hanging with the babe while DO and I grabbed lunch (drinks) today and we could check in on them to see how she was doing. At one point she was screaming so I pressed the microphone button and said, "Dad do you want us home?" He was able to reply back without picking up a phone, just talking to the nothing. 
This is the actual view in my house as I was writing this post. I have the iPhone 4S so my quality isn't as great as my husband's who has the iPhone 5. Still amazing quality with a shitty phone. 

2 & 3. Sipping Stones DO has been asking for a bourbon decanter set for awhile so I bought a bourbon set much like shown in #3 and I bought these sipping stones (#2). Needless to say he's used it everyday since Christmas. 

4. Ron Burgundy Book. Was not a fan of the second movie...

5. James Bond DVD collection

6. Givenchy cologne. This makes me MELT. 

1. iHome docking system thingy I have an iPad and an iPhone. I have lost more plugs and cords and chargers than I can count. I honestly can NEVER keep track of my cords. The fact that my phone and iPad don't use the cord doesn't help either. DO got me this docking thing and I love it. Everything is plugged it at night at the same time. I used to have a day where EITHER my ipad or my phone worked, never both. Now I'm living in technology heaven. I can even blast Britney Spears while getting ready because the damn thing plays music!

2. My brother and soon-to-be sister in law know me all to well. Lord knows I love wine. I can now make my own coasters with my corks. Only 2 days after Christmas and DO and I have already accumulated 2 corks!

3. When my husband and child allow me to, I love to read!

4. Another gift I say I will use but don't get past the first week.... more on this one later. I do love the program but am working on a review of this for later.

5. This is my best friend's favorite perfume therefore I'm not allowed to wear it (girl code). But you should definitely check this one out. Smells AMAZING!

6. Keurig Rivo Brewing System another product I have yet-to-own but is on my dream list :)

1. Fisher-Price Jumbo Mat My little one is fully mobile now. She's a zombie crawler (aka army crawler) and this jumbo mat keeps her in one area for a good 5-minutes. I used to be able to set her on the ground and go swap a load around in the washer and dryer and come back and she'd be in the same place. Not anymore. With this at least the octopus will distract her for 40-ish seconds until I come racing back down the stairs to make sure she isn't stuck under the couch.

2. Baby Einstein jumper. Love this thing!

3. Olivia books. 

4. Hug Me Elmo. My dad bought BO this doll and even though she's only 5months and the box says 18-36 months she's crazy about him/her. Is Elmo a boy or a girl?? 

5. Mickey Mouse toy chest. In hopes of keeping her thousands of toys in ONE area. This is lasting so far about 2 days. Check back with me in a week and we'll see where her toys are. 

6. Carters PJs We love Carters zip up footie PJs. I only buy the ones that zip from toe to neck now because when you have to change her in the middle of the night it's such a pain in the ass to have to button up 17 buttons in the dark when you're tired and trying to not wake her. The zip up PJs are seriously the best and anytime I'm out and see them on sale or even in a different style I buy them in bulk. Love these!  

All in all Christmas was a blast for our first year as a family. I started new traditions such as giving DO and BO a personalized ornament each year on the day we set up the tree, we started the Elf on the Shelf, baking cookies for Santa, family Christmas photos and stuffing stockings. I love Christmas, it's my absolute favorite time of year. I can't wait until she's older and wakes up Christmas morning excited that Santa stopped at our house overnight. 

Merry Christmas ya filthy animals. 
And a happy new year

Just for fun:

My goof and I returning gifts on 12/26 that we didn't need/want

Sample of our Christmas card

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