White Trash Christmas Party

For over 5 years now DO and I have hosted our annual Christmas Party for our family and friends. I'm obsessed with party planning and we always host an annual Superbowl and Christmas party for our family & friends. Typically we've done an 'Ugly Christmas Sweater Party' but this year we wanted to change it up since everyone is doing that theme. In 2013 we planned a: 


I threw DO a 'white trash bash' for his 26th birthday and even that theme blew up in popularity! I decided to mash my two favorite theme & holiday parties together. Below are a few samples of this year's party....

Instead of a wine tasting we had a beer tasting

Redneck calamari

Empty TP rolls make great holders for candy canes, forks, spoons, etc.

An empty beer box makes a great candy box

That's improvisation right there

Redneck wrapping paper

Giant fist beer holders

If you never hear "Hold my beer" or "Watch this!" the party was no fun...

We played charades, had a white elephant exchange and gave out prizes to: Best redneck, laziest/half assed redneck, and best food as we had everyone bring an appetizer. 

BabyO even dressed up in a camo onesie and sweatpants. She hit the hay right as the party started getting going. In my usual fashion I lost my phone as soon as people started arriving so my photos ended right before our first guest arrived. 

In true redneck-y cousin Eddie style: 

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