Baby Style: Nautical

It seems everywhere you look the style today for both mama and baby is nautical. Anything stripes, anchors and dark blue with bright pink is in. At every baby store I've been to lately anchors and stripes are popping out at you and I LOVE it! 

I didn't even realize I was getting into the style until I saw the sweater I was wearing for Rich and my date night the other day: 

So I created a quick baby-fashion photo collage of my favorite looks

I went to Gymboree today and while shopping I turned to Rich multiple times with a straight look on my face saying "stop it….." while slowly showing him another cute baby piece. He and Olivia eventually took a walk while I finished shopping.

I mean come on! Those shorts are killing me!

It's sideways but you get the picture. OH. my. GOODNESS!
It's safe to say I'm a little obsessed with this season's look.

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