Diaper Bag then vs. Diaper Bag Now

10 Diapers
Pack of wipes
Changing Pad
Boogie Wipes
3 extra bottles
Can of formula
2 extra outfits
Pacifier wipes
Extra pacifiers
2 Blankets
Nipple Cream
Phone charger in case phone dies while out
Baby Tylenol
Baby powder
Arm N Hammer diaper trash bags
Bottled water

All packed & nicely organized in a beautiful Carter's Diaper Bag

Hopefully I remembered a diaper or two
Couple wipes
Packets of Enfamil
No extra outfit, I'm sure they'll have one to buy wherever I am should she have a blow out
Empty Bottle

All thrown together in my purse which once was a beautiful white leather and now a booger-covered, formula stained sad little sack that holds our shit

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