Hotels and Baby

'Scuze my shitty photoshop.. I was in a rush

Our family travels A LOT. At 6 months old Olivia has already stayed in over a twenty hotels and been across the country and back. This weekend we stayed in a local hotel for a convention for our business and thought I'd share some tips as we travel so much and I used to work in hotels for over 12 years.

1. Sleep: Bring your own pack and play. Hotels provide them but they often do not include sheets or padding. It's essentially a hard pad with sides. They also rarely clean these so bringing your own is going to be most sanitary. If you bed-share I would still suggest bringing a PNP. Why? Because of the possibility of bed bugs. Most believe that bugs only happen in those run down nasty motels that you would never set foot in especially with a baby but I can tell you first hand that I've worked for well known clean 3-4 star hotels and EVERY ONE of them gets a case of bed bugs. We stayed in Disney World when Olivia was 4 months old at a very well known RESORT that I will not name and I got bugs. This place was over $500 a night- every. single. hotel will get them because it's not the cleanliness of the hotel, it's the guests who bring them in.
We have this playpen at our Florida home
We borrowed this play pen from our friend for this weekend

Both are great. The Chicco was a little heavier and took more time to set up but they're both essentially the same things.

2. Play: Bring a Johnny Jump Up, giant play mat or if you have the space to, a bouncer. I don't let her play on the floor so I bring enough things for her to play in or on. Again, the floors are gross. They're vacuumed often but rarely deep cleaned (about once every couple months depending on the hotel) and shampooed (about once every 4 months). Think about everything you've stepped in and drag into the hotel. Or, if you're like me, how you partied in hotels when you were in your early twenties and the things dropped and "spewed" onto the floor.

We have this playmate by Fisher Price. It's large but now that she's a mover it's becoming a little too small for her.

3. Cleaning: Bring disinfectant and your own dish soap and bottle brush. You'll have to do this in your vanity sink unless you get a suite. Most hotels don't have a fridge and kitchen sink for you. Rarely will the gift shop have dish soap and if they do the price markup is absurd.

4. Fridge: We formula feed so we didn't need a fridge but if you pump I'd call way ahead of time and request a fridge in your room. You're going to have to pay a daily fee but pumping mamas will know it's worth it. Let the hotel know what you need the fridge for too. If they're short on mini-fridges they always give priority to mothers and people with diabetes over the 22 year olds who need it to keep their  beer cold. 

5. Bottled Water: We don't use tap water for formula bottles. Bring a case of water because you aren't going to want to pay $5 for the bottle they provide in the room.

6. Bath time: I haven't yet given her a bath in a hotel because we've never stayed for more than a few nights. My suggestion would be to rinse or take a shower yourself prior to putting baby's bare bottom in the tub because while it is cleaned, the chemicals they use are too harsh on their delicate skin. Either put a towel down and/or shower yourself to rinse the tub out.

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