January Love List

Hylands Teething Tablets 
The little one now has 2 tiny pearly whites. Teething has been a bitch for all of us. I hate seeing her so miserable but these teething tablets have eased the pain somewhat for her.

Tone It Up
See previous post of my review of this nutrition plan that I'm following. They also have a new show on  Bravo Thursdays called 'Toned Up'.

Bigelow Assorted Teas
Since Christmas there has always been at least one person sick in our house. These delicious teas (especially Pomegranate Pizzaz) are my go-to to sore an itchy throat. 

Disney's Frozen
We took BabyO to this movie on Christmas afternoon. She did great for her first theatre movie! She slept through a good chunk of it and got fussy only at the end. I stood in the hallway with her watching the last half hour because she was getting rowdy. Very cute movie. Two snowy thumbs up.

Little Remedies Saline Spray
BabyO had her first cold and ear infection a few days ago. This spray worked great getting those crusty boogers out though she acted like we were killing her when we'd spray this up her nose and suck the boogs out. 

The Bachelor
On ABC tonight! Juan Pablo is this year's bachelor. Dios Mio! I've got my Cabernet Sauvignon ready for tonight

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