Before BabyO you couldn't catch me awake before 7am unless I hadn't gone to bed yet. These days I get up before her and absolutely love mornings. Mr.O is still a night owl and needs his beauty sleep- even though we go to bed at the same time each night….

Mornings give me me-time and give me mama+baby alone time.

Mug from Urban Outfitters $14

I usually wake up before Olivia and will do my TIU "Booty Call" that's 30 minutes of running/cardio right away in the morning before anything else. I do cardio 5xs a week with strength training 3-4 days a week. Typically as I'm finishing up she's waking up and we start the rest of our day together.

While she's jamming out to 'The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse' I'm cooking myself breakfast. I'll always have either a Protein Pancake or an Egg White Scramble. Occasionally I'll do greek yogurt with granola and berries if I'm not in the mood to cook but the pancake or eggs are always my two go-tos.

The Perfect Fit Protein Pancake with real maple syrup and 1/2 packet of stevia. Please never ever use that sugary syrup. Buy REAL. Served with a side of Meta-D 5xs a week.
We hang out and watch Live with Kelly and Michael (she's just so cute I want to put her in my sweatshirt pocket!) and sometimes The Price Is Right. Usually when that starts Olivia is ready for nap #1 of the day though so we almost always miss it. After that the TV is off until Ellen. We usually put the radio on and play Baby Einstein stations or Radio Disney from Pandora because I'd rather her have background music than staring at a television all day.

After we've eaten and Mr.O and the dog get up I start working on booking events for the summer. This is when Olivia and Biscuit like to get involved and see exactly what I'm doing making work nearly impossible. 

Our afternoons are usually boring with our nights being a little hectic. 

Keep that coffee pourin'! 

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