Product Review: Baby Brezza Formula Pro

Edit on 1/27: Their customer service sucks and so does this product! It's still leaking everywhere. I should have read their Facebook page because numerous people are commenting on what's wrong with the product. I want a new machine or a refund. If it has this many problems how do I know it's mixing the correct amount of formula to water? 

Update: I returned this for a full refund. Save your money. This thing is awful. It made Olivia sick because it no longer rationed water to formula correctly anymore. That was the last straw for me and I gave the company a piece of my mind. Below is the review I made but I'm not going to edit it. It was good for about a hot minute. After a couple days it gave out. 

Product review time! Today it's the Baby Brezza Formula Pro. Here it is in action:

This thing is the shit! I debated buying it because it's not hard to mix water and formula in a bottle and shake it up. I know that. This isn't an essential baby item, it's a luxury item. I caved because a friend was telling me how much she loved it and Target had it on sale for $149.99 and you got a $30 gift card with it (Christmas gift cards! See previous post)

The sucky part about formula feeding is getting powder all over the counter, having to heat the bottle in the middle of the night and having Grandma/Grandpa/Auntie/Uncle call you 2,000 times while baby sitting to say "HOW many ounces of water per scoop?"

It holds 50oz. of water and one of those 22.2 oz. formula refills so you can essentially set it up once every few days depending on how many ounces your little one eats in a week.

Pro: It looks nice on the counter rather than half full water bottles and powder spilt everywhere

Setting it up took me awhile because there area  ton of parts to it. Most important is making sure you attach the correct orange attachment thing based on the brand of formula you use. Our formula requires piece number 5 and during set up I had piece numbers 1, 3 and 4 in my hands but couldn't find 5. After checking the box twice and cursing at the machine I found it already set up in the machine where it was supposed to be.

After the first go at it the tank was leaking all over the counter. I think I set up the tank incorrectly or added too much water. I dumped it out, added new water then started again and it was fine.

If you don't have a water dispenser on your fridge expect to have to use bottled water or buy a Brita filter. This requires room temperature purified water.

Once you finally get it correctly set up it's as easy as putting the bottle under it, selecting how many ounces you need and pushing start. It dispenses quickly and the exact amount you need.

Would I recommend this? Yes, if you feel like splurging for convenience and keeping your counter top looking nice. If it wasn't on sale with the gift card offer I'm sure I never would have purchased one. I just dealt with the constant messy counter and the long middle of the night feedings waiting for the bottle to heat up.

I'll make sure to do a follow up if this ends up shitting out on us. There are quite a few negative reviews on it and the machine is still new for us. We'll see…

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