Product Review: Baby Bullet / Making your own baby food

I always knew I wanted to make my own baby food so my best friend got me the Baby Bullet Complete Care System along with the extra set of containers so I could make large batches.

I started Olivia on solids around 4 months. Get approval from your Doctor on when it's ok to begin solids because each baby is different. By 4 months she was a great supported sitter and rolling over back to front. I gave her rice cereal from the container but after reading into it I stopped. Rice cereal has zero nutritional value and is just a "filler" for them. Why not feed her REAL food that is good for her and won't just fill her up?

Can't I just buy those packets from the grocery store? 
Sure you can but think about it, even when the product is organic, how is that packet of bananas staying fresh on the shelf for a month? If you were to puree a banana then put it in a pouch and open it 2 weeks later what would you have? A rotten mess. So how do those stay fresh without adding preservatives? They heat the item up so much that it kills any bacteria and can stay fresher longer- in doing so they've also killed many of the nutrients that fruit or vegetable carried. I don't eat processed crap from a box so why would I feed that to my daughter? (I never thought I'd be "that" mom pre-pregnancy) 

The set is roughly $60. You never pay that again. If you're a good ebay-er you may even find it cheaper there. 
I bought a bag of sweet potatoes at Sams Club for $5. The bag had 10 potatoes in it.
Each 'tato makes 20 ounces of food. 
20 ounces * 10 = 200 ounces of food for $5
The average baby food packet is 3oz. @ $1.50

Math. Math. Math.

So roughly 66 of those packets @ $100 to my $5 bag of potatoes

The set includes:
Large batchbowl
Short cup
Milling Blade (I haven't used this yet)
Baby Blend Blade (I use this for all foods)
Manual and cookbook
Pocket Nutritionist
Batch Tray to freeze
Stay fresh lids
6 date-dial storage cups
Tray for 6 storage cups

With the baby bullet you can refrigerate food up to 3 days or freeze it for up to 30 days. Today I'm making a large batch so I'll be freezing and refrigerating. Since today is the 11th I put the dials on the food jars at the 11th so I know when I made them. 

Right now we're in the 4-6 months so "allowed" foods are:
Sweet Potatos
Brown Rice Cereal

I typically like to buy from Trader Joe's or organically from the local supermarket. When Spring/Summer finally come along we'll be heading to the farmer's market for fresh fruits and veggies.

Let's Puree! 
First I peeled, washed and cut the sweet potatoes up.

I love this Nuwave cooktop thing. You've seen it in most of my cooking posts

I didn't cut them any certain way or cube them or anything. Just cut them up so it's not one giant potato. See my earlier post about cooking and see that to me cut=dice=cube= just cut it up. 

After they're steamed and soft add them to the large batch bowl with 2 cups of water. 1 cup per potato.

Blend it

Using a 1/4 cup measuring cup I poured into the freezer batch first 

The remaining I put in the face-cups (2 trays worth) for the next 3 days. I'll probably have to freeze more of it since I made a large batch.  

It took about 15 minutes all together to make. 12 of that was spent waiting for the veggies to steam. Once you add everything to the blender you blend for like 30 seconds and it's pureed and ready for baby to eat. 

I love this thing and can't really think of any cons to the product. If you're planning on making your own baby food I would highly suggest this blender set. It's super easy and takes almost no time to make. 

I've read negative reviews saying it's hard to clean but I don't understand how they think it's hard to clean. Everything easily comes apart to clean. 
Some say it doesn't puree the foods enough but I'm guessing they didn't steam the veggies enough first. 

Happy Puree-ing!
(That was cheesy…. I know... I can't promise I won't do that anymore though) 


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