Product Review: Roomba & Braava vacuums and mops

While I'm not a pro in the kitchen I can clean and I actually secretly love cleaning. I do it to relax, when I have energy, when I'm mad- I just like to. Having a mobile baby however doesn't allow for hours of cleaning a day.

Two products that have saved me so much time are the iRobot Braava 320 and the iRobot Roomba 585. Having hardwood floors and a dog means cleaning the floors more often than once a week. We purchased these two products almost a year ago and have been so happy with how they work.

The Braava acts as a sweep for hardwood floors and as a mop. On it's own as a sweep it doesn't actually pick up much dirt, it collects it on a microfiber cloth. If you were to purchase this on its own you would still need to sweep/vacuum your hardwood floors. The mopping does an incredible job and is so easy to set up and go. You get the microfiber cloth damp, attach to robot then press start.

Very quiet
Doesn't go on the carpet, it turns around when it detects it's no longer on hardwood
Small so it can fit tight places
Returns to its base when it's done cleaning so you don't have to hunt for it

Does not sweep well, you need to sweep/vacuum what it missed. Great at picking up pet hair though

The Roomba Vacuum is on constantly at our house. It vacuums carpet and hardwood floors.

Does a great job. I didn't think a robot could vacuum as well as I could but I'm impressed.
Returns to its base when it's finished. I've had older models where it'll just die wherever it is so you're stuck fishing under the bed for it
Turns around when its reached stairs
Goes under couches so we never have to move the couch

It's loud (the dog is not a fan of this one)

The best part of all with both: Olivia is FASCINATED with them. When she's being fussy we can turn these on and she immediately stops crying and just stares at them while they work. I honestly vacuum and mop 4-5 times a week so my floors are clean and my baby is content!

Now if only I could get around to cleaning the oven I'll be set.


  1. Absolutely amazing!!! I dream of this! :) Thank you for sharing!

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