Target Gift Cards for Christmas Presents

If you're like me you shop at Target anywhere from 3-4 times a week. I live in the north so Walmart isn't big up here, Target is. I get my groceries, baby needs, clothes, cleaning supplies, bedding, shoes, EVERYTHING from Target. It's nearly impossible to spend less than $50 going in there.

Each week Target offers different deals to receive gift cards when you purchase so many of a certain product. I decided that this year I would save all gift cards I earn through shopping and see how much money I have in gift cards to use towards Black Friday shopping. 

Yesterday I received a $5 card for purchasing (2) bags of Purina One Dog Food @ $21/each. I need to purchase dog food anyway and this is my dog's brand so why not stock up when they have these offers? I won't be buying things ONLY to get the gift card- I'll only purchase and stock up when they are using it on an offer I'm going to need to purchase anyway. 

This is a total experiment for me. I could end up with only $60 in cards for Christmas or I could end up with my entire shopping paid for. Who knows? I think the hardest part will be saving the gift cards and not spending them prior to the holidays. 

I'll update in November!

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