What's in my makeup bag?

One of the top blog posts out there is "what's in my makeup bag?" so I thought I'd join the fun. I honestly am not great at doing makeup and most of the time hate having to wear it. I enjoy a clean moisturized face and only doll up when I'm going to see someone.

I recently got bangs so now my go to look can just be some foundation, mascara and bright red lips!

I used to have a massive makeup bag but in the past year have simplified my "stuff" lately. I just don't have time to do what I used to.

I wash with Cetaphil; it doesn't dry my skin, it's gentle and while I had terrible pregnancy acne it was the only thing that kept my skin clear.

Daily AM: Rocco Altobelli Hydrating Night lotion (yes it says night but my aesthetician said to use it in the am)
I couldn't find a link or product information on this, it is sold in the salon I go to and the bottle didn't even have a website on it. 

When I'm going to see someone I know for the day: 
MAC Pro Longwear Foundation in NW30 I don't wear foundation in the summer, only in winter and this is absolutely the best coverage I've found for me out there
or Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream BroadSpectrum in Light
Revlon ColorStay Liquid Liner in Blackest Black (I've used this eye liner since middle school, I love it!)
Maybelline The Colossal Volum Express in Glam Black (I can't stand waterproof mascara)
Cover Girl blush in Iced Plum
Almay intense i-color in 421 trio for browns
Maybelline Define-A-Brow in dark brown (I'm picky about my eyebrows and I notice peoples' brows right away. I feel like when my eyebrows are ok looking I can do without a ton of makeup. I have my eyebrow-lady I go to and I will not see anyone else. She's the only one who understands them and the only one who can shape/manage them.)
Burt's Bees Chapstick The best Chapstick I've found and you know it's good because this is coming from a dry-winter Minnesotan!

Daily PM: Rocco Altobelli Enzyme Cream same as above, no product info
Twice a week I'll exfoliate with St. Ives scrub

Dolled Up:
The above plus some MAC lashes and MAC lipstick in Angel.
I had my makeup for my wedding done by MAC and the makeup artist put the 'Angel' shade on me and I LOVED it. Then she said, "It's Kim Kardashian's favorite too!" and I was a little bummed for some reason.. either way it's a great shade so no wonder it's popular 

Bio-Oil for stretch marks but it seems I'm just continuing to waste my money; still have a couple stripes. I know you should be "proud of your tiger stripes" but I'd be even more excited if they went away.

Just for the fun of it I started the chalkboard for this year's Super Bowl:

The board isn't finished/ready yet but I'm so excited to set it up with this year's spread. I know every single Mommy Blogger out there has a chalkboard of some sort but just add me to the list I guess! I like  drawing the different fonts. 

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