10 Ideas For Baby's First Easter Basket

I'm so excited for Olivia's first holidays. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and shortly, her first Easter! I know, it's 2 months away but I've already been planning her first Easter basket.

I don't want to buy a pre-made Easter basket, I think the fun is making it yourself with personal items that I know she'll like. Since she'll be 9 months we of course can't put chocolate bunnies or peeps in her basket but here are some ideas for little ones like mine:

1. Bubbles
Don't all kids love bubbles!? 

2. Books

3. Bath Toys
My girl LOVES bath time so these Garden Squirties from Babies R Us will be perfect new bath toys

4. Easter Outfit

This dress from Old Navy with a white cardigan - too cute!

5. Stuffed Bunny (of course!)

6. DVD Easter themed

7. PJs
I'm going to need to get her these heart PJs from Carters. As I've said before, I never buy button up PJs anymore, only zip ups because changing a diaper at 3am and having to snap 14 buttons in the dark is a skill that I just don't have.

8. Easter Bib
We have this one. During my baby shower I received an awesome collection of "my first ____" bibs. They had collected every single holiday while I was pregnant and hung them as decoration at the shower. 

9. Pacifiers
My LO doesn't use them but a great "stuffer" for babies that love them

10. Packet of their favorite food
My LO goes nuts for the Spinach, Greek Yogurt, Raspberry blend from Plum Organics

So what does Mommy want from the big hopping rodent? 

Take notes, DaddyO

1. Kit Kats

2. Bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon


That's it… gimme a watch, kit kats, and a bottle of wine..



  1. Those are all great ideas! I remember struggling with what to put in T's basket her first year, we did pretty much the same things. Puffs, squeezable fruit and yogurt, pajamas, little toys, hairbows. It will be so much fun regardless! First holidays are so exciting! I participated in a fun blog hop last year, hopefully I can do it again this year and you can join me! :o)

    1. I would love to! Send me info when you have it available. Thanks Kelly!


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