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I typically am the one to wake up early with Olivia but Rich let me sleep til 7:45am! Hey-o! Olivia & I laid in bed while he made me eggs. 2 brownie points for the Husband today.


Shower time
Yes, I need two loofas and both shelves. His things are on the floor.


I went to my INR appointment and did lab work for my follow up with the specialist next week. Crossing my fingers for wonderful news. I went to my 2nd favorite place in the whole wide world (first being Target) Barnes & Noble! Got an iced coffee and a book then went to another favorite: Home Goods!
I am sooooo excited to read "Crazy Sexy Diet" by Kris Carr. I've been following her for a bit and really like her approach on clean eating. She writes like I speak and this book doesn't just throw a bunch of science words at you, it makes SENSE. As I thumbed through it at the store I saw a section called "shit for brains" and thought- yup - this woman speaks my language.
I plan on doing her 21-day cleanse at some point but need to plan it around my social schedule sadly. It's a bit of a bitch giving up coffee, beer and wine for 3 weeks so we'll see how long I last.

Review/follow up later. I suppose the fact that I was drinking a Starbucks while purchasing it is a little contradictory but hey it was plain with no added sugar or milk. 


Enough slacking around. I went home to pick up Rich and Olivia to run errands. We usually do all shopping Tuesday or Wednesday. We went to the DMV, Bye Bye Baby to return a broken baby gate and grocery shopping for produce. Olivia was cranky because she caught my cold so she wasn't too amused today. 
Edit: Apparently it's BUY BUY baby. Not BYE BYE baby. The latter sounds like a certain type of clinic. We were at BUY BUY… 


Snack time: Larabar. These are SOOO yummy and good for you too! Oops, need to remember to schedule a manicure. 


I told Rich I was fed up and that this was how we were going to 'baby proof'

Trying to baby-proof our living room area is such a pain. We have an open layout of our living room, entrance, dining room and kitchen with a set of stairs going up and going down. No baby gate we've found will work for our house and we've purchased and returned a number of them. We decided to give Menards a try to see if a dog play area thing would work. No, not a kennel or a cage- one of these: 
But that's just too small of an area and the dog looks miserable. I was looking for a giant one that would cover basically our entire living room. 
We left with nothing and I was hungry so I was tired of looking. (I get hangry when I'm hungry)


I set up my new kick ass juicer and put away the produce. Check out my haul!!! 

2 green apples
1/2 tbsp coconut oil
purified water
half a cucumber
cup of broccoli (estimate)
cup of kale (estimate)
packet of stevia
chia seeds


Ellen. All day er'day. It's on my bucket list to go to her show one day. I applied roughly 100 times (k more like 3) to be at her 2013 Mother's Day show. I was pregnant with Olivia and it was for first-time-mom-to-be's only. I wasn't chosen obviously.
The kick in the tits though was that while I was in labor they were airing reruns because of the 4th of July holiday we just had. What episode did they air while I was having contractions in bed trying to distract myself with tv? Yup. I got to watch all those women get all the free shit I wanted to get and dance with Ellen. I tuned in to Family Guy after that. Dear Ellen, if you're reading this (you're not) please bring me to your audience for just one show, please. (Twelve days of giveaways… twelve days of giveaways…..) 


Nap time meant an hour to squeeze in some work quickly


Back at it trying to baby proof our living room. I think we finally figured it out. We purchased a banister gate that sort of works but doesn't match whatsoever with our wood finishes and a play yard that matches next to nothing. At least she won't tumble down the stairs which is all that matters. 


Dinner time! She was a cranky-cranky child today and constantly chewing her hands. I think her next set of teeth are coming soon so we finished up her dinner, gave her a bottle and changed her and put her to bed. 


Dinner time for mom & dad. Quinoa, black beans, avocado, tomatoes and spices. I'm thinking I need a glass of cab after today. Below is Rich working on the gate for the main downwards staircase. I'll just have to get over the fact that he had to add a piece of mismatched wood to the wall so the other mismatched wood could reach the wall. Ugh… one day I'm fixing it all. 

Coming up on 9pm which is almost bedtime for mama. I'm blogging now that I have time, watching the Olympics and snuggling my pup. G'night kids. Don't forget to click below to stroke my ego as the funniest Mommy Blogger :) Remember, you don't have to sign up for anything, enter your info or receive any spam shit. Just CLICK! One click every 24 hours counts. Thanks in advance :) 

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