Family Vacation recap: Peeing on the floor at the gator place, lost sunglasses, beerfest

I've been blog-absent because we are currently still on our family vacation. It's been quite the adventure and it isn't over yet. We've been here over a week and everyone is already tuckered out.

We took a mini-trip to Clearwater, FL for a day at the beach. To start the day on the right foot I packed her diaper bag full of bottles, wipes, formula, diapers, sunscreen, toys, everything. When we finally got to Clearwater after an hour and a half drive I realized I forgot it at home. F! Off to find a Walgreens to buy all the stuff we already own. $56 later we were off to the beach again. 

Olivia LOVED the sand between her toes. She couldn't get enough and cried when it was time to go. She dipped her toes in the ocean and cried because it was cold. 

We went to a Gator show and she peed all over the floor while Rich was feeding the alligators. I almost peed myself too to her credit. I tend to avoid gators but we were making memories. 

Olivia with the 5 month old alligators. FUN FACT: Every alligator is born the first week of September. Every single one! There now you can say you learned something today. 
Along the way I lost my Kate Spade sunglasses. I never lose my cheap glasses, it's always the good ones. Damn….

Rich and I got to have a date night out and drove to Treasure Island. We grabbed some drinks and sat on the beach enjoying our quiet "us" time. 

We made a stop at Busch Gardens in Tampa to see the animals but it was "Beer, Bands and BBQ" weekend with all you can drink for $30. It goes without saying where we spent most of our time that day… 

We were going to feed the kangaroos but Olivia was getting restless and they stunk.

Sesame Street Live! Show

Her face doesn't show it but she loved it

Nap Time = Beer Fest time for Mommy and Daddy

My favorite animal
If you go to Busch Gardens stop at the customer service desk on your way out with your ticket from the day. They will give you a complimentary ticket to come back within 6 days! 

During our trip Olivia turned 7 months and learned how to crawl on her knees and pull herself up!

I'm excited to get back home but not looking forward to the frozen tundra and snow. I'm loving sandals and sunglasses weather and not yet ready for boots and heavy coats. 

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