Favorite cleaning products for baby, toys, bottles and home that are SAFE


At our 2 month check up our pediatrician told us not to use Johnson & Johnson products as they had unsafe chemicals in them, specifically Formaldehyde. This came as a shock because that was the only product I ever grew up knowing as a shampoo & wash for baby. That nostalgic smell is wonderful too. I sometimes use baby lotion on myself because I love the scent so much.

I received a ton of bath stuff at my baby showers and to this day at 7 months old I have yet to buy wash myself. She said to go ahead and use J&J if I had it but to try not to buy it in the future.

Today's J&J wash is labeled "Improved Formula". The only difference is there is no longer Quaternium-15 in the ingredients. Q15 a is formaldehyde releasing preservative. More than likely if you run to Target today and buy the wash it'll be just fine with this 'improved formula'.
Hey where'd you get that information?

To be safe though I use:

Aveeno Baby Wash & Shampoo. This stuff smells great and best of all is SAFE.

I love love love the product line BabyGanics

I always have the alcohol-free hand sanitizing wipes in my purse and the diaper bag for on the go when I need to wash/sanitize her hands after touching park swings, shopping carts, etc.
For around the house we use BabyGanics foaming hand soap.


I wouldn't use Clorox, Windex or any other harsh chemicals on her toys and jumpers because every single thing goes right into her mouth. Again with the BabyGanics? Yes! I'm a bit obsessed with their line. 

I've started buying The Honest Company products but they are a little pricier than BBG. 


While I was pregnant I bought two of the 150oz. jugs of Dreft and still have one left at 7 months. I only use it on her clothes and our bedsheets because it's more expensive than Tide or All. I use it on our bedsheets because I love the scent so much. While this is gentle enough for baby clothing it's actually tough on stains as well. It'll take stains out of formula, food and caca. 
Baby clothing doesn't need dryer sheets but in the winter (especially with a lot of fleece jammies) I use these dryer sheets from the Honest Company to get rid of static cling. 


I've used Dapple many times but honestly I just use whatever dish soap I have available to clean her bottles. When she was really small I used Medela cleaning bags to sanitize bottles, breast pump parts and pacifiers but now just wash well with soap and water. 

Since this post was pretty boring (but informative I hope) I thought I'd leave you with a story from our vacation to make you giggle. 
Rich was changing Olivia while I was upstairs getting ready. I walked down the stairs and found him holding her upside down covered in shit. Of course I asked him WTF he was doing and he said she wouldn't quit rolling over while he was trying to change her and holding her by her feet was the only way to prevent getting poop all over the carpet. 
A few weeks later I experienced that first-hand… Why did no one tell us about this?? Changing a rolling on-the-go baby is HARD especially when you're trying to not get butt brownies on your white carpet. 

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