February Favorites

Shopping Cart Cover: Now that Olivia is sitting up entirely on her own and I'm putting her in shopping carts and restaurant high chairs these are great to have to keep germs away. Think of how many people touch the shopping cart handle and how often your little one puts things in their mouth. 

Boogie Wipes: Great for clean up and smell amazing. This was one of the distractions we used on the plane because she just wiped this all over her face silently.

Baby Uggs: My MIL got these for Olivia and they're so cute. Bonus that they actually stay on.

Sugar Paper planner: I purchased this one from Target. I can't remember anything ever and need reminders of appointments and when bills are due.

Leggings from Gymboree: I started putting these on under Olivia's onesies. Sidebar: I HATED this trend until recently. I would look at people doing this to their babies and think "Ohhh poor girl, nobody told her how onesies work…" But now that she's mobile and crawling all over I tried putting them under her onesie and she can crawl around much easier this way. Pants would bunch up and trip her up and footie pajamas would get her knees stuck. I wouldn't put this style on an infant who can't move. It just looks funny to me. 

Obsessed with this smell from Victoria's Secret. It's called Fresh and Clean and just about everything I own smells like this. I go through a bottle way too quickly of this stuff. 

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