I'm Boring

Ten years ago I would never say this about myself: I'm Boring. Today at 29, married and a mother I am so boring and…. I love it!

At 23 I would get pissed - PISSED if it was Friday at 10pm and I was still at home without a definite plan. Now my idea of fun is stretchy pants, the couch and on demand shows like Honey Boo Boo or Guy's Grocery Games on the Food Network.

23 year old me and 29 year old me are like two totally different people. I'm glad I had my early twenties to party, screw up, be selfish, take aimless trips, spend money on myself, etc. At 26 I got bored with all of it and decided now is the time to settle down and start a family. Since I got everything out of my system early I have no desire to club with my non-married/kid-free friends anymore or miss that life.

And so… here's 23 old me vs. 29 year old me as told by my actual Facebook photos:

For real though, I'm so excited for her birthday. I have the theme planned and everything

Yes, Olivia, that is your mother in the middle dancing on the bar
 Having fun at her first pumpkin patch
Day drinking in St. Thomas

Doing whatever I wanted: on Carrie Bradshaw's steps in NYC. It's roped off but that didn't stop me.

Now: Sesame Street shows


$150 dresses I'd wear once, heels, tight jeans, booby shirts

 9 inches of zipper, baby! 

I would change nothing. I love where my life is now and I love where my life was in my early twenties.

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