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I'm terrible at my diet when it comes to mid morning to dinner. Terrible. I can cook a healthy breakfast because I wake up saying "Ok, today is a new day; time to eat a healthy balanced breakfast!" 95% of the time I do make myself a great healthy breakfast.

When dinner comes along, 80% of the time I make a great healthy dinner because Rich is watching the baby and I usually have a glass of wine and I try to "make up" for failing the middle of the day.

Why do I fail between 10-5pm? It's because I'm LAZY. Food lazy, not body-lazy.

Between breakfast and dinner I get busy and try to do everything all at once: laundry, clean, floors, clean the fridge, clean the oven, teach the baby sign language-yea right, email everyone back, update the blog, wash the dog, shower, grocery shop, organize my photo albums both online and on paper, the list goes on and on.

When I go to grab my AM and PM snacks as well as my lunch I feel I need to rush the meal in and get back to chaos.

We always have fruits and vegetables on hand in the house because I shop with a healthy mindset. I never grocery shop hungry and craving Doritos otherwise my cart will be full of sugar, frozen burritos, soda and boxed dinners.

The problem is those fruits and vegetables sit in my pretty little fancy produce holder that never get eaten and become just-for-looks-foods.

I look at my options and see a bag of Fritos or an orange and I always go for the Fritos because "Who has time to peel an orange???"

I'm not that busy. Don't tell my husband I said that, but come on… that is seriously always my excuse. I don't want to wash the grapes or eat around an apple core or peel an orange. I want something NOW! I hope I'm not alone in my way of thinking this. I will sometimes buy fruit and put it in the cart thinking "I hope this actually gets eaten and not thrown away…"

Oprah is busy…. Olympians are busy.... The president has a lot on his plate…. I am not too damn busy to peel an orange.

To solve that I started cleaning, cutting and portioning out my food as soon as I get home from the grocery store with it.
Yes, I seriously pre-peel an orange for myself

I have baggies of food ready and right there in my face so the only thing I have to do is open the baggie and eat. I have to idiot-proof/simply stuff for MYSELF.

Sometimes I buy the more expensive pre-cut celery or pre-cut onions just because I know I won't ever use it if it's whole and I have to cut.
If I don't plan things out I will get lazy on myself.

I sometimes even prepare my Protein Pancake or Meta-D drink so when I'm tired in the morning I don't have to think/measure.

Tone It Up Meta-D Recipe: 
2 oz. of organic, no sugar added apple juice
6 oz. of water
shake of cayenne pepper
1 tbsp. cinnamon
2 tbsp. organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar (I use Braggs)

Where does this post come from? One word: vacation.
I ate and drank like I was 19 again. Bloody Mary and omelet for breakfast, beer and burger for lunch and a bottle of wine with tiramisu for dinner.
Upon returning home I just grocery shopped and portioned everything out for the next few weeks so that I have NO EXCUSES.

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