Nacho Ordinary Super Bowl Party

Wow what a lame game. I was cheering for the Broncos because I love me some Peyton Manning but quickly stopped watching the game after the first quarter and just tuned in for the commercials. At least our party was fun and that's all that counts!

We had a "Nacho Ordinary Super Bowl Party" this year with a fiesta theme. I love love love party planning especially with a theme (yes I'm already planning Olivia's first birthday which is 6 months away). We hosted all the food and beverages and told our friends just to show up for a good time.

This is our 7th year hosting a Super Bowl Party and we always make our own Super Bowl T-shirts and give a prize to the best one. Mine didn't get a single vote this year! Whaaa? 

We had two football boards, the big money board with payouts of $50, $50, $50 and $100 for the final score ($2.50 per square) and the small money board with payouts of $20, $20, $20 & $40 for the final score. I had ribbons for the big money board winners (below) our 2nd quarter winner wasn't here so no pic of him. 

Overall the game sucked but the party was awesome. Thankfully my husband is a neat freak like me and when everyone left we cleaned like crazy and by 10:30pm it looked like there was never anyone over. Phew! We're putting our recycling guy to work today, it looks like a frat house had a party over here with how many boxes of empty cans and bottles there are. 

I really wish I would've taken more photos of the set up but I was busy hosting. We had a ton of people show up. I love a house full of friends and family having a great time. 

Sidebar: I will be taking a blogging break for the next couple weeks because we're going on vacation. I'll be doing a "Flying with Baby" post next because this will be our 2nd time flying with her. Wish us luck! 

How adorable is this football headband?? 

Olivia's Super Bowl T-shirt Daddy made for her

These football shorts OMG! 

Our Fiesta Menu included Time Out Taco Dip, Touchdown Tacos, Metlife Meatballs and more

You might have seen this on Pinterest, it was re-pinned over 250 times and that's just from this site directly. Wow!! 
Our "Hail Mary Bloody Bar" was a hit

Fixin's: Vodka, various mixers, A1, Worsteshire, pepper jack cheese squares, pepperoni, pepperocinis, pickled asparagus, pickles, celery, olives, tabasco, limes, celery salt, sea salt, pepper, bacos, bamboo skewers

My always-a-hit taco dip

Taco Socks!

I goofed up on the sour cream lines

My husband's 'Metlife Meatballs' sooooo delicious with chili sauce, grape jelly and pineapples

1st quarter winner $50

3rd quarter winner $50

Tshirt winner - giant wine glass and wine opener

Final score winner $100

                The winners!! 

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