The importance of water

Pre-pregnancy I wasn't much of a water drinker. I'd have maybe 20oz. a day total. When I was pregnant I craved water, craved it. I'd down nearly a gallon a day and sometimes more. I've cut down to less than a gallon a day but still love it and guzzle it all day everyday. 

I stick by the rule of: drink half your body weight in ounces.
Ex: Weigh 150 pounds- drink 75oz. minimum throughout the day 

Why drink water?

The liver is an amazing organ, of its many functions, one is to take released bodyfat and break it down for use as energy (a process called lipolysis). However, when hydration levels get as low as 80% (ie not very low) the liver & kidneys have a difficult time functioning, and filtering all that thickened blood. Since kidney function trumps liver function on the task-list of sustaining life, the amazing liver does what it can to take over for the kidneys. Without the liver able to do its job, lipolysis (from above, the breakdown of fat for use as energy) doesn’t occur at the rate in which we need it to, in order to maintain a healthy body composition.
Source: Tone It Up

Water curbs your appetite. Many times when you think you're hungry you're just dehydrated. Have a glass of water, wait 10-20 minutes and see if you're still hungry. 

Clears your skin. Water will keep you fresh and glowing. The cheapest anti-aging solution!

Prevents constipation. 

Can help prevent kidney stones. I've never had one but heard from those who have how awful they are. 

Reduces headaches and backaches. There are many causes to headaches but dehydration is the main reason.

Don't like water? 

Add a lemon, cucumber or fruit. Avoid things like crystal lite or those drops that you can add. They're full of chemicals and sugar. Of course these options are better than a soda.

Eat more watery fruits and vegetables such as watermelon or celery.

Choose tea over coffee to get your water intake. I am an avid coffee drinker; I can't get enough. I TRY to add tea over coffee but I get it if you can't. I get it…. 

Add lots of ice. This is a trick that works for me. I don't like semi-cold or room temperature water, I like it ice ice cold! I have a jug that is 64oz. and I fill it up 1/3-1/2 the way with ice then the remaining with water and always have it ice cold. Keep a coaster handy, it'll leak everywhere. 

Need water for a hangover? Pedialyte! I've drank Olivia's a couple times to rid myself of a nasty hangover. It's like Gatorade for babies (Gatorade is not good for you either!) My all time best hangover remedy is still a spoonful of honey. I learned this years ago from my friend's grandmother who swears by it. Take one spoonful and within an hour you're back to feeling great! 

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