10 on Tuesday: Ten books I want my child to read from my childhood

As a child I loved reading. Belle was my favorite Disney princess because she was relatable to me- she read and was a brunette. At 7, that's all it takes for a kid to think, "I'm JUST like her!"

I already started Olivia's library and am going to build a 'reading nook' for her and her future siblings in the playroom.

A few of the classics above are musts of course: Corduroy, Charlotte's Web, Madeline, etc.

A couple of the others were my absolute favorite growing up including:

1. Where's the Bear Muppet Babies book
This was my all-time, ultimate, top-of-the-list favorite book when I was little. I read it so many times I had it memorized and would repeat the story in my head to myself. I wish I had held on to this book so now I need to search for it and will love reading this to Olivia when I get it.
2. Just Go To Bed
I thought this was the funniest book ever. Anything written by Mercer Mayer you can almost guarantee I owned the book.
3. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory/anything by Roald Dahl. 

I remember having girls days with my aunts and my cousin on the weekends growing up and one of my favorite stops was B.Dalton to get the latest Goosebumps, Babysitter's Club & Babysitter's Little Sister Karen books. I hope that when Olivia and I have Mommy & Me days that the bookstore is going to be one of her favorite stops as well.
To this day Barnes & Noble is one of my favorite Mom-Escape stores, especially the ones with Starbucks in them :)


  1. Yes, yes, yes. ANYTHING Roald Dahl is on my list for my daughter for sure :) Also, Where the Wild Things Are and The Little Prince, just off the top of my head. This is so fun to think about.

    1. How did I forget Where the Wild Things Are?!?


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