10 on Tuesday/March Love List ~ What Baby O and I are currently loving

1. Nuby Sippy Cups

I received these at one of my baby showers from one of my friends who knows little about babies. You all have one of those girlfriends. If I hadn't been the first of my friends to get pregnant I'm sure I would have been that girl : showing up at your baby shower with a hangover and a plastic Target bag (because I didn't have time to wrap your gifts) full of "baby stuff"; toddler socks, sippy cups, "baby chapstick" Yes, I seriously had someone think this was for babies and called it "baby chapstick", etc. 

Turns out though, she bought the perfect sippy cup! 

I've gone through a few sippy cups with Olivia and the reason I tossed most of the others is always the same: they leak and drip everywhere.
Olivia will hold it upside down and watch it pour out onto the carpet or onto the poor dog. Not the Nuby! It doesn't come out unless you actually sip from it. +5 points for that friend :)

2. Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr

I mentioned in a previous post that I bought this book after watching "Hungry for Change" and fell in love with Kris Carr. Like Tone It Up, this is all about eating clean. Kris takes it a bit further as far as recipes and encourages cutting all animal-by-products (which I just can't do). What's great about this book is that she explains WHY certain foods are bad for you in ways that I can understand. Everyone knows aspartame is bad for you but if asked to explain why, what do you say? "Um, cause the sugar spike does the thing to your brain of… I don't know…" 
Watch the film (can be found on Netflix) and read her book. Rich and I have been juicing every single day. I am now one of those people who shop only the outside of the grocery store (all produce and lean proteins) and we've just about rid our entire house of canned and processed foods. 
I kicked my diet coke habit last year which was killer. I used to have maybe 5-6 cans a day. Now I don't crave them anymore. After awhile your body will crave the good stuff (water and pure juice).
Now, I make my own orange juice. I buy a bag of oranges, juice it and I know 100% what is in my juice- no added sugars, no preservatives, just pure fresh squeezed orange juice. I could go on and on but I'll stop here.

3. Shameless 

Can we please get an Emmy for Emmy?? I'm loving the newest season of Shameless. If you're not watching, you're missing out. Last season was a little dull for me but the show is, in my opinion, bigger than ever. The latest with Fiona and Liam - oh my God! 

4. www.thegraciouspantry.com

Love this website for clean eating recipes. I grocery shop and meal plan on Wednesdays- not Mondays. I find that if I plan on Monday I get lazy by Thursday-ish and end up ordering a pizza and a 6 pack of beer. If I plan Wednesday, the middle of the week, I'm on track 100% because by Monday (what is now my middle of the week) I'm motivated all over again to continue the week. Here's what's on our fridge: 
It's a little small but at the top I write what we're having. 2nd row are the ingredients needed. 3rd row is where I found the website for the recipe. It's 2014, I don't have cookbooks. I plan the whole week on Wednesday then highlight the ingredients I need to purchase. Wednesday I'll buy what I highlighted and a ton of produce for juicing. Wallah! nothing but healthy options. Tonight is Karen's Chili from Tone It Up. I've made this multiple times and we both love it. It makes a lot of servings so it's perfect for lunches the next day. Recipe found here

5. Curtains!

This is what Olivia is currently obsessed with. We can't keep her away from them. She gets a kick out of hiding behind them and playing peek-a-boo with us. 

6. Happy by Pharrell

This is the house's jam right now. Olivia dances to music now and it's so cute seeing her bounce on her butt while sitting when she hears music.

7. Munchkin Easy Squeezy Spoons

These are the best for feeding. Just put the food in the handle and squeeze it onto the spoon. No mess no fuss!

8. Bogs!

If you live in a state with a winter that just won't quit like me, you'll love these. I am so frickin sick of the damn snow but at least I get to wear my Bogs! I love these so much. My feet are warm, snow stays out and they look cute too. I have the tall brown ones and Rich has the short black ones. You can buy them here

9. Reebok ATV19 Running Shoes

On the topic of shoes, I love my running shoes found here. I have the pink ones. They just feel good running in and they're cute too! 

10. Skinny Boyfriend Jeans from Old Navy

99% of the time I'm in yoga pants. If I need to wear "real pants" then these are gonna be it. They're so comfy and cheap too. I stocked up during their last sale. 

 All reviews and loves that I post about I actually do own and do love. I had this question emailed to me from a reader. Yes, I get contacted by companies about reviewing their product and some I agree to and a lot I don't agree to. 
 I'll never pretend to love something because I'm honest to my readers.
If you would like to contact me I created a new email for business contacts. in the 'contact' page.

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