20 Non-Candy Easter Egg Fillers

Here are some ideas to put in Easter Eggs that are not going to give you a hyperactive-boisterous child for the remainder of the day. Keep in mind these are all dependent on your child's age. Most of Olivia's eggs will be empty or just plain old not even found because she's too interested in the grass on the lawn.  That is, if Minnesota will allow for green grass in April…

1. "Funny Money" think $2 bills, gold coins, dollar coins

2. Nail polish

3. Stickers

4. Socks (make sure they're fun so toddlers aren't too bummed)

5. Bracelets or jewelry

6. Fake tattoos

7. Bows or headbands

8. Goldfish or Fruitsnacks

9. Pencil Toppers

10. Cheerios

11. Legos

12. Marbles

13. Fisher Price Little People

14. Bubbles

15. Matchbox cars

16. Tiny stuffed animal

17. Lipsmackers chapstick

18. Chalk

19. Rubber Duckie (this I will do because she's crazy over bath time because that's when her ducks come out.) "Teach me how to duckie, teach me, teach me how to duckie" ~ What Rich sings during bath time to Lou

20. Gift card - obviously age dependent as most of this list is. 

Rather than filling your child up with sugary jelly beans and peeps leading them on the path towards diabetes, these will keep them interested in what they'll find next.

Not gonna lie, I would love some jelly beans myself right about now.

No! Think about your butt…. think about your butt….

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  1. Love, love, love these ideas! Thanks for sharing!


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