Baby Mama style: Spots n Dots

I've been consumed with polka dots while planning Olivia's birthday party. You'd think I'd be sick of black, white and red and polka dots but NOPE. I love the dot trend. Here's some of our clothing and a few on our wish list.

This dress  from Dream Catcher Baby is to die for. I love anything gold and that light pink color. If I had an extra $65 to put towards a single outfit for her this'd be it.

2. Scarf from Mod Cloth. I may need this for a key piece in my outfit on her birthday.

3. Cell phone case by Marc Jacobs

4 and 8: Red and white polka dot shoes from Gap. Just purchased these for us for her birthday. 

5: Gap

6: Charcoal headband from Little Hip Squeaks. I love everything from their shop and am waiting on this knotted headband to arrive ANY day now. Oddly enough I just got the email that it just shipped today. YUSS!

7. Dress for Mama from H&M. Mama's party dress for her birthday??   

9. Old Navy

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