Closer than my peeps you are to me...

 Easter is almost here! I'm tired of this snow and slush. We're gonna need some tulips, rain boots, sunshine and playgrounds real soon. We're all a little too cooped up and ready to get out of the house.

You may have seen my 10 ideas for baby's first Easter basket post on Pinterest. I finally assembled Olivia's first basket shown below:

 Bubbles! I'm sure she'll be in awe seeing her first bubbles.

An Easter outfit: Dress from Gymboree, shoes from Carters and best of all, check out this headband from 3 Lovelies Bowtique. I'm frickin obsessed with this bunny headband, how perfect is that for Easter?

I added her first Easter book: Happy Easter, Mouse!

A sippy cup found at Target. She's recently taken to drinking out of sippy cups and especially straws. This will be a fun new "toy" to play with. Let's be real though, she'll be most excited about the basket filling over everything else in the basket. 

Since she'll only be 9 months on Easter I didn't include candy but wanted to give her some sort of "treat". Her new favorite cookies are from Ella's Kitchen, the Milk & Vanilla cookies.

Lately she's started crawling towards me, moving my arms out of the way and plopping into my lap to watch TV. Cuddles melt my heart into a puddle.

Time for a mom fail that happened this morning. 
Why are you showing us a jug of water? Well, every morning I fill this to the top with water. It's 64 ounces and I drink 2 of these throughout the day to reach a gallon per day. This WAS filled to the top. 

Where'd all that water go? 
All over my living room carpet… 
Weren't you watching your child? 
I was busy taking a picture of my new nail polish color.

Taking a photo of polish because you know… priorities..  (Watermelon by Essie)

 Then I heard- splash!! I saw Olivia holding the jug upside down and laughing. Shit…

Update on T25: 
I finished day 3 yesterday and felt like dying. I was cursing at Shawn T nearly the entire time. The important thing is, I did it. Today is ab day and I'm oddly very excited. 

I decided my reward to myself for completing the program will be: a FitBit after the alpha round (5 weeks) and a jogging stroller after completing the entire 10-week program. Gotta get that stroller…. gotta get that stroller… Wish me luck! 

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