Couples with Children vs. Couples without Children

Dining Out:

Without: There's this fantastic new restaurant downtown, you guys need to check it out!

With: Um, my Dad watched the baby for a couple hours Tuesday afternoon so we could go to Sam's Club and on the way home we stopped at Applebee's for a quick baby-free lunch… 

Friday Night:

Without: Calendar full of events

With: Is today Friday or Wednesday? Eh, it's all the same. 


Without: Snuggled up on the couch having a Netflix binge of an entire season with wine and chinese food

With: During nap time you get to watch a quick 20 minutes. You don't get to watch the rest of the episode until 3 days later and by then you forgot what's going on. (True story: I've been watching Breaking Bad for about 4 months now and the show has been over for months now.) 


Without: I got tickets to the sold out show! (On the main floor, tons of people smashing into you, getting beer poured on you and staying up past 10pm)

With: That sounds like the worst thing in the world. Call me when you get tickets to the all night silent book reading party.


Without: Shit! My phone broke. I dropped it the other day then spilled on it.

With: Shit! My phone broke. The baby wanted the fish to see the phone, so the phone went for a swim. (Tip: If you have the iPhone, get the Lifeproof case, this thing is a lifesaver!) 


Without: Full of bars, vacations, shopping sprees, concerts

With: Babies. All babies. 


Without: Marc Jacobs, Caribou stop, Express, Victoria's Secret, American Eagle, Sephora

With: Carters and Gymboree (And that doesn't bother you one bit. My husband has actually told me to buy something for myself for once, anytime I shop I beeline straight for the baby department to get her more cute outfits) 


Without: Already downloaded the newest songs and knows every word before the radio plays them and ruins them. 

With: I can't name anyone new right now. I can however sing every word to the openings of: Doc McStuffins, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Sophia the First, Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Sheriff Callie's Wild West. (Is it weird that I look forward to the newest episodes of these shows as well? Even when Olivia is asleep I will continue watching because I need to find out what happens with Sophia and Amber.) 


Without: Once a week

With: Every. Single. Day. How the hell do we have SO MUCH laundry every single day? We only added one extra person to the family but I'm washing 6x's as much.

And finally…. 


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  1. I literally laughed out loud for -- With: That sounds like the worst thing in the world. Call me when you get tickets to the all night silent book reading party.


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