Home Style: Plum and Gray

With Spring finally rolling around I'm in the middle of painting and updating our master bedroom. For the longest time it was an olive green with mismatched bedding and artwork. When I was pregnant we were so focused on updating the nursery that our master bedroom had been totally ignored.

Finally we went to Home Depot yesterday and purchased paint for the bedroom. I painted the accent wall yesterday and will do the other 3 walls today. I'm so nervous for the 3 main walls because it's a very dark color. It's a risk but I'm ready to do it! Wish me luck. Pictures will be posted when all completed.

Accent wall in Plum

Main walls in 'Seal' by Martha Stewart:

Really hope this turns the way I want it to. I was between Zinc and Seal and Wet Cement by Behr. 

Here's my inspo board for the bedroom: 

Vases, lamp & throw pillow from Target
Chase from Ashley Furniture
Rug from Kohls
Ampersand on Etsy

I found images in plum, silver and dark gray. This is fitting for our master bedroom as plum and silver were our wedding colors. N'Awwww

Wish me luck- Happy Sunday! 

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