Keeping My Kid Cooler Than Me

I love creating baby fashion posts because :

1. I'm not good at photoshop and this is helping me be less awful at it.
2. I have a girl and dressing little girls is more fun than puppies and birthday parties.
3. I didn't grow up very stylish myself so I want different for O.

Exhibit A:

Experimenting with fluffy bangs and shoulder pads

Exhibit B: 
Opting for more Zooey Deschanel-esque bangs and cow print. I started leggings back in '95. Leader, not a follower

And finally….. Exhibit C:


So yes, I will dress O fabulously and bang-less. Unless she wants bangs, then I'll happily pull out the photos above. When she wants to get her belly button pierced I'll lift up my shirt to show her my stretched out scarred belly button. When she wants a tattoo I'll show her my receipt for my (soon to be) tattoo removal. 

1. Little Hip Squeaks has the cutest headbands and leggings for kids right now. I am impatiently waiting on my Olivia's package to arrive. 
2. Kids Hunter Boots  of course. I am waiting to buy a pair of these because they are spendy. I love the aqua color. How friggin' cute would O and I look wearing matching pairs? Yes, I'm THAT mom. Hunter Boots, if you're reading (you're not) I'm a size 9.
3. Hello Apparel Another company I'm fervently waiting for my stuff to arrive. That'll be a good mail day… 
4. House of Mia I haven't yet purchased from this store yet but so far I'm liking what I'm seeing.
5. Candy Kirby Designs is on vacation right now but when the shop is open again I think I Olivia needs a beanie. 

I'll admit, I want a pair of Freshly Picked Moccasins specifically the Frosted Rose color; but do they actually stay on baby's feet? I would be pissed losing one of those shoes.

Freshly Picked, if you're reading (you're not) Olivia would like a size 3.

Thanks for reading and laughing at my kid-pics! 

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