Our Weekend in Pictures


ended with a little bit o'dis:

Very fitting considering my mood all Friday. Rich had a poker night with his buds (he took 3rd) and I had a glass (oops or 2) and went to bed by 9.

By the way, a new wine store opened in my neighborhood next door to Babies R Us- where many bottles are roughly $2-$8. Huh!?!

Guaranteed you'll see Moms with purple lips walking around Babies R Us in my neighborhood now considering they do taste testings everyday.


Started with breakfast at Pippins, a little Ma and Pa joint in our neighborhood. Think Perkins but better quality food.
Nommin some broccoli and toast

 I love going to these places because they're so family oriented. At any time you go in here you'll find 25% kids and babies with 70% elderly then 5% Rich and my age.

We then headed out with Biscuit for a family walk around the neighborhood:

I took probably 100 photos because it was finally nice out to walk around the neighborhood.

After a nap we popped on over to Old Navy for their $2 Tank Top Sale but not without a stop first at Noodles for lunch

She shared Pesto Pesta with Daddy and gobbled up a few noodles.

Before our Old Navy trip. Disney shouldn't be allowed to make sweatshirts this cute, AMIRIGHT? Oooh! You can see the new paint color in the background. Seal by Martha Stewart. Every time I say that I get "Kiss From A Rose" stuck in my head. 
Trying on Fedoras. 

Saw this piggy bank at Old Navy and insisted I needed it. Rich said, "You just want it because it has buck teeth" Truth.

Saturday is also STATurday with weigh in and measurements. Happy to say I'm down 1.5 pounds and half an inch in my waist. All measurements and numbers with photos posted after the 10 weeks.

I used these awesome stroller hooks courtesy of BabyBubz.

They're great for hooking to your stroller and holding your purse, groceries, shopping bags, diaper bags and more. Each hook holds up to 6 pounds. Combine the hooks next to each other to hold 12 pounds. The best part about the hooks is they are attached by Velcro so they will fit around any stroller handle.

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Saturday night we had friends over and as usual I was in bed by 9pm. I gotta stop waking up so early.

Rich wanted me to show all of you his potato recipe he made up on the spot. Potatoes, onions, apples, bacon, spices and cinnamon. It was odd but actually VERY good. "Put this on your blog" is slowly becoming one of his catch phrases- sometimes serious, sometimes absurd/disgusting (*cough*flatulence*couch)


Sundays are all about coupon-ing, ad surfing and meal planning. (Used to be Wednesdays)
Some snuggling selfies, a bath and blog updating. 

Went to Target for a big-girl convertible car seat. We went with this one because it's regularly $149.99; on sale for $135; use Cartwheel for an additional 10% off and I paid with a bunch of Target gift cards. Practically stole it.

Grabbed some meats and sides for grilling with our besties because it was FINALLY Spring-like weather here in Minnesota (60 degrees!) I absolutely wore flip flops and wasn't at all self conscious of the fact that I badly need a pedicure.

Went to Michaels and was in awe of this Pinwheel

I made cookies because Rich wanted a dessert and  I wanted to bake. My diet right now isn't dessert-friendly so I made him cookies. I don't like cookies so I know I won't dig in. 

Sunday we had our friends over with their baby Sebastian (Bash) and we grilled, played Clue and just hung with the babies.
I've been best friends with Jamie since we were 15 and we always talked about how we wanted to be pregnant at the same time so our kids would grow up together. In October 2012 I found out I was pregnant and she was the 2nd to know (Rich being the first). Shortly after, I left for a trip to Italy so I shut my phone off to avoid overseas fees. When I got home there was a note from Jamie on my kitchen table saying "Call me immediately when you get home" And I kinda knew….

Yup! She was pregnant :) We were just 3 weeks apart with me being due July 2nd and her due July 22nd-27th (her doctor changed her due date). We got to experience pregnancy together; we were excited together, shopped together, bitched together, texted constantly about the latest scares we found on Baby Center and The Bump and finally, experience motherhood together.

Bash was born on July 2nd (my due date!) with Olivia following exactly a week later on July 9th.

It's so much fun seeing these two grow up together like siblings/twins/cousins/best friends.


You can catch me assembling mouse-ears for Olivia's birthday party. Yes, I understand it's more than 3 months away…

All-in-all we had a pretty kick-ass weekend

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