Our Weekend (Not) In Pictures

I didn't post Friday through Monday because I was planning on doing an 'Our Weekend In Pictures' post so I took photos Friday and Saturday throughout the day of our weekend. On Saturday my phone wanted me to do an update so I plugged 'er in to the computer and updated.

First of all, I know NOTHING about technology. Nothing. I'm like a 60 year old woman when it comes to that stuff. My husband does it all for me. So when the update was done and my phone restarted I was looking at …. a blank screen. Everything was deleted. All photos, all videos, my notes I rely heavily on, contacts, EVERYTHING. Needless to say I started crying. I was crying because I've never backed up my phone or saved my photos in awhile (all my fault). I had tons of videos of Olivia on my phone that are now gone forever. Unless I put it on Facebook or Instagram, I no longer have it.

Here's a glimpse at our Saturday pre-catastrophe.

How cute is she? Seriously. Everyone at Trader Joe's stopped to ooh and ahh because she just sat back in the cart and stare everyone down with her sunglasses on then give them a big toothy grin. Her coat is from Old Navy found here. Headband from Etsy.

On Sunday she turned 8 months and I posted this little gem on FaceBook:

8 months old today! (This was the best photo I could get, she was all over the place and figured out how to make the glider rock so all photos were blurry of her rocking away)

Weigh 19.7 pounds 

Wearing 9-12 months clothes. (I stocked up on newborn to 6 month clothing and sadly they're all in boxes now. Many items she wore once or even never. Time to go shopping!) 

3 teeth! 

I can: pull myself up, crawl like a pro, walk holding on to the furniture, say "mama"

Love: Mickey Mouse, the dog, remotes, jumping, music, bath time, paper, Abby Cadabby doll

Not so love: nap time/bed time, peas

Working on: Being nice to the dog and not biting mama. She tries to kiss me but her 'kisses' are bites on the chin. Now that she has 3 teeth I have 3 little indents on my chin.

So that was our weekend. Not so funny/helpful as other posts but more of an explanation of my absence. Tonight DaddyO and I are having a date night at the theatre. Follow me on Instagram for more photos- for some reason I can't add my Instagram button to the right… see up top… I don't know technology as well as I should. I'll give you a big hug if you can figure it out for me :)


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