Review Time! Oscar Fashions 2014

Lemme start by saying I have NO experience in fashion. Didn't go to school for it, people don't ask me where I bought my stuff, I'm currently wearing sweatpants and a purple zip up Kansas sweatshirt with a dirty white tank underneath so there's how much I know about fashion.

I know what I like so I decided to review the Oscars red carpet.

In no order whatsoever:

Giuliana Rancic in Paolo Sebastian Couture

She frickin killed it! I love this gown on her. Drop dead gorgeous and I'm sure she'll look better than some of the stars she'll be interviewing while on the red carpet. If I were to change anything, I would drop the waist a few inches to show off her tiny waistline. 

Kellen Lutz in whatever
A of all, can he not afford a suit that fits? I didn't think it was possible for a guy to look shitty at the Oscars, put on a tux- right? And B of all, who the F invited him?

I DON'T KNOW how I feel about this. I love her. I love the gown. I just feel like it's not enough for her as a best actress nominee. It needs more. I want to see a big gaudy colorful necklace I guess? NO wait, I need some Ariel-mermaid hair with her. Let that gorgeous red mane down Amy!

Olivia Wilde, oh the cutes! She is just adorable and I don't think I could pull off beautiful and cute while that pregnant. 

Here's the Oscar on the red carpet they're giving out. Oh wait! That's adorable little Kristin Chenoweth. She looks just like the statue behind her. 

Lupita something. She usually kills it for me on the red carpet, her skin tone is amazing and bright colors plus her just = yes. I wasn't sure if I liked this light blue, I like seeing her in richer colors but then Giuliana and Kelly said Yes and I was like: 

Jared Leto as Jesus

Alright Pharrell, that's enough. First the Arby's hat at the Grammy's and now shins at the Oscars? I honestly have no words. I just…. I can't…. If you and your date wanted to continue the "opposites" trend you had going on she should've gone sleeveless …?? Just a thought...

I really don't think I've ever seen a movie she's in and certainly wasn't rooting for her tonight but this dress just screams "I just won an Oscar" (the show hasn't started yet BTW, this is my prediction at 7:15pm solely based on the dress). 

Oh Lord you guys! JLaw fell! DRINK! I can't believe that actually happened! (Refer to my Oscars Drinking Game) Holy shit! I was kidding when I wrote that! I mean come on, what are the chances that would happen again? 
No matter what though, I love her and I love her dress no matter what it looks like, even if it's on the floor and she wore yet again, another "mullet necklace". 
She is flawless and gorgeous and she could fall 100 times and still look better than all of us. 

UPDATE 3/3/14: How right was I with my predictions?? I nailed every single one of them

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