T25 and Tone It Up

Yesterday I began T25 for probably the 3rd time. Bathing suit season is right around the corner and I won't be happy with myself if I am the same size in July as I am right now.

As you may know I am a huge Tone It Up fan. Apparently there was a TIU meet up in Minneapolis this weekend with Falen from KDWB and I MISSED IT! Pretty bummed. Count me in on the next meet up gals.

I want to document my progress through the next 10 weeks of T25 + Tone It Up. The diet part won't be hard for me since I eat clean 90% of the time anyway. It's the whole exercise thing that's tough.


I completed yesterday's Alpha Cardio and today's Alpha Speed 1.0 and as I sit here writing this my obliques are burning. I can't slouch or turn so as long as anything is right in front of me at eye level I'm golden.

My legs hurt. My abs hurt. My eyebrows even hurt. I just keep telling myself it'll all be worth it. When I'm kicking ass and taking names in my bikini this summer I can look back at this post and thank myself for not giving up.

The last day of my 10 week program will be Friday, May 30th. I'm excited to share results with everyone as well as my tips along the way. I took before 'fatty' photos yesterday but those are for my eyes only until there's some progress.

I did it the standard 'fat-before-photo' way: sad face, no makeup, sloppy hair, not flexing or sucking in. If I die before I get a new phone I just ask that this photo never makes it to the internet. It's embarrassing- but it's motiving.

First tip: Follow along with Tanya if you need to.

In the past I would refuse to follow along with the beginners level because I looked at myself as a pro already even though I was just sitting on the couch gnawing on twizlers just 24 hours before. If you push yourself too hard you will fall on your face and/or ass right away. You'll overdo yourself and you'll be more likely to quit.

When things got too hard I did what Tanya did. When I felt like I was going to pee my pants (it's a Mom-thing) I followed Tanya. Don't follow her 100%, do as much as you can with the other 3 and pull back to her level when things are too hard. Notice I said too-hard, not hard. It's not supposed to be easy.

Wish me luck and share your T25 progress/tips with me.

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