Tools for Weight Loss. Goal: Be less fat

This is going to be a repeat of things you know I already love: Tone It up and Crazy Sexy Diet from Kris Carr as well as things I currently use and my wish list. My Tone It Up review.

Where'd that magnifying glass come from..?

You need to arm yourself with the right tools to aid you in losing weight. Summer is seriously right around the corner and it's now or never to get your ass in gear. I don't have a goal weight but I do have a goal look. I want to confidently wear my bikini this summer saying, "Yep that's right, I just had a baby last year." I've jokingly said before that my goal weight is reached when people are mildly concerned about me.

I have and love: 

This power juicer. I consume fruits and veggies now that I otherwise wouldn't sit down to eat. Rich and I will make a large pitcher of juice and put it in the fridge pouring out cups throughout the day. Note: Juice can be refrigerated for up to 48 hours.

Typically I have juice for breakfast and for lunch. I don't have any real recipes but I'll always have kale, spinach and or broccoli with some carrots and a piece of fruit or two.

I also have the Nutribullet for smoothies. Things like bananas and berries typically can't be juiced so I use this when I want something more sweet.

The Blender Bottle. I have it in orange. This is great for protein shakes. Just add a scoop of Perfect Fit Protein and some water (or occasionally almond milk.)
Another great use for the Blender Bottle is to make a large amount of formula and store in the fridge. Then just pour and heat up. We've taken to doing this since we returned the awful Baby Brezza Formula Pro. My review of this horrible product is here.

A water bottle to carry around with you. Always keep hydrated. TIU recommends half your body weight in ounces. Adding lemon to your water assists in weight loss because it balances your alkaline vs. acidic ph. Yes, lemons are acidic but they actually make your body more alkaline (this is a good thing!) To learn more read Kris Carr's Crazy Sexy Diet.

My wish list: 

A great body fat scale. I have a standard body scale but would prefer a body fat scale. Seeing my BF percentage decrease would be more of an achievement to me than seeing body weight decrease. As my muscle to fat ratio increases the numbers on the scale may not be decreasing even though my jean size is decreasing. 

A food scale. The whole 'eyes are bigger than your stomach' phrase rings too true with me. Portions are something I need to work on big time.

FIT BIT FLEX! Can you tell I'm excited? In violet or pink please. I need this in my life. 'Scuze me while I run to Dick's Sporting Goods…. 

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