What irks me said with memes and gifs (Warning: some big girl words will be used)

I'll be honest, I bitch a lot so I'm going to use this blog post as a bit of a "Dear Diary" to get everything out. I even do a lot of these myself so next time you're mumbling under your breath "come ON!" to that person taking forever to get in their car and go so you can have their prime-o spot, you might just be irked at me.

1. People who chew with their mouths open over the age of 6. That's just gross

2. Overuse of hashtags. If it's more than 2, I'm skipping right over your status. 

3. This 

4. When people don't know the difference between you're/your, it's/its, their/there/they're, know/no, to/two/too, than/then.

5. "Would you like to save 5% by opening a Target red card today?" 

6. Facebok Gym Status buggers. Double whammy when combined with #2. #fit #fitness #gym #arms #running #cardio #beast-mode #training #train #sweat #gym #IWentToTheGym #I'mAtTheGym #DidYouKnowImAtTheGym #AtGym #StillAtGym

7. Automatic water and soap dispensers

8. When you think you found an awesome parking spot but you pull up to it and realize it's a tiny car or a motorcycle. 

9. Girls who look pretty ALL the time. They never have bad hair days or just overall bad face-days. They're also the ones who say "OMG I look SOOOOOOO gross! LOL!" 

10. When the stranger next to you takes your arm rest on the airplane. 

11. People who say "like" or "um" every 3rd word. 

12. People who interrupt

13. When someone leaves their blinker on for two miles and I'm behind them

14. The words: preggers, preggo, preggs

15. Brendan Fraser. For reasons I don't understand. He just bugs me and I won't watch anything he's in.

16. When you're in a public restroom and it's empty when you arrive, you pick a stall then hear someone come in. They have 9 other stalls to choose from but they pick the one right NEXT to you. Or worse yet when you're waiting in line forever for a stall and you finally get one- you walk in and the chick before you left a fart in there for you to walk right in to. 

17. When people purposely misspell their child's name to be different or "You-neek". Ex: Olyvia or Bryttanie 

18. People who grab 35 napkins, use 2 then throw away the rest.

19. Your favorite song comes on the radio in the car but you just arrived at your destination. 

20. When lists end in 19 and not 20. 

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