9 Months Old

This chick is 9 months old already! Holy Moly, only 3 months until LiviLou's birthday. I swear I feel like I JUST gave birth to her a month ago.

We spent her 9-month 'birthday' at the zoo since it was finally a 68 degree day. The spring brings the new baby farm animals so we had to check out the calves, chicks, piglets and lambs.

Age: 9 months
Height: She's a tall one like Mama at 2' 4.8" (89.71%)
Weight: 21 lb. 4 oz. (90.05%)
Head Circumference: 17.48" (66.49%)

Clothing: Depending on the brand she's in 12-18 month clothing. Old Navy and Gap runs tiny so she's in 18 month clothing from them. On average I'm buying 12+ month clothing so that just in case she's too small for it, she'll grow into it. 

Eating: Everything. I've moved away from pureed food and give her whatever Rich and I are eating. I just tear up the chicken, vegetables, spaghetti, whatever it is we're nomming, she's nomming. She doesn't really have a not-so-love-food right now. 

Safety: The gates have been up for awhile but we just took down the fence we had maneuvered around the living room because we don't feel like she's at risk of falling backwards and hitting her head on the hardwood floor. Removing the fence means we have to lock up all cabinets and drawers in the kitchen because her favorite activity is now going in the kitchen and going through every door and drawer. As I'm typing this Rich is installing the door-closer-things. 

Reorganizing Mom's tupperware

Loves: Eating paper, her dog, remotes, meal time, tickles, Mickey Mouse, Doc McStuffins, going out, rubber duckies, going through drawers, music, bath time, drinking out of straws, bubbles.

Not-So-Loves: The word "no"

Mom & Dad's Ah-Crap Moment: When the truck died in front of JoAnn fabrics (story here) I called Rich to come pick us up. He took his Mom's car because he just put the new convertible car seat in her car. Notice I said 'put' I didn't say 'installed'. He arrived and I buckled her into her new seat while he checked out the truck to see if he could figure out how to get it working (he couldn't.) We got in the car and took off for home. We got home and realized that I had perfectly buckled her to the chair but the chair wasn't buckled to the car. Oops. Thank God it was like 3 miles away from home but I thought he buckled the chair to the car and he thought I noticed it wasn't installed and that I did it. That'll never happen again! 

Sleep: Bed around 8pm, up around 6 or 7am with just one middle of the night feeding. 

Working On: Walking is right around the corner. I am positive we'll see our first steps by 11 months at the latest. We're also working on not hitting the dog, clapping and waving bye-bye. 

Happy 9 months Olivia, Mommy and Daddy love you so much! We can't wait to see how much you learn in the next 3 months. 

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