Baby Style: Floral and why I'm fantastic

I went to Old Navy yesterday and found myself putting tons of floral print in my cart for Olivia. It's only odd because I've never liked tons of floral print (reminds me of itchy Easter dresses at church when I was little) but they've toned the obnoxious floral down a bit these days and I love all things floral for little ladies.

The Goods I bought:

These. Shorts. I. Die. 

I don't mean to toot my horn but BEEP FRICKIN BEEP! 

I bought 6 adult shirts, a hat for me, 3 kid dresses, a bathing suit for Olivia, 2 shirts for her and 2 pairs of shorts for her…. for $30.31. For the mathaholics that's roughly $2 an item. 
I'm a pretty rad couponer/shopper. Two days ago I was able to get one of these for free. Yup. I paid nada, zilch, zip, diddly-squat. What I saved on formula I got my family and I tons of clothing. That's what's up.  {Mic Drop}

My receipt

 (Not driving and taking photos, this was in the parking lot)

Baby Floral Fashion Inspo Board:

Most items are from Old Navy
Suspender shorts and bottom right from H&M
Onesie from Gap

Floral for mama needs to be subtle so I'm thinking I deserve this tee.

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