DIY Mickey Mouse Birthday

As I mentioned in a previous post, I'm obsessed with a great party theme. I've had theme birthdays for my husband every year for him, themed out our annual Christmas Party and Super Bowl parties. Now I have Olivia's birthdays to be excited for.

I typically start planning parties a few months in advance so I can have the time and funds to work on all the small details by planning or DIY-ing.


This weekend I finished Olivia's Mickey Mouse tutu for her birthday. I'm pretty pumped about how it turned out because I truly didn't expect this to work. I'm a sucky DIY-er in general so the fact that I made an item more closet than garbage-worthy made me squeal in delight.

I didn't take a ton of how-to photos along the way because like I said, I really didn't think I could do it.

All materials totaled less than $15

Buttons $1.19
Tulle $10 (maybe?)
Ribbon $1

I'm debating removing the ribbons, they just seem out of place to me.

I measured Olivia's waist and cut the elastic to that inch. Since she's 9 months now she'll grow a little but you need the elastic to measure an inch or two less than their actual waist so the tutu stays on.

I sewed the elastic together and put it around a paper towel roll. From there I just knotted strips of tulle to the tutu all the way around the elastic. I don't have pictures of how to do the knots but it's honestly so freakin easy. I didn't measure the tulle lengths or even keep them even while knotting because I liked the way it gave dimension when I did them slightly uneven/layered.

I put the tutu on her and literally squealed in excitement that it works! Come on July- this party is gonna be amazing!


I ordered her invitations from Mod Pod Designs and just had them printed. They turned out perfect! I chose the one with her face in one of the ears.

Mouse Ears for all her guests! 

Black headband: $0.97 from Walmart
Foam from Michaels $0.99 a sheet (each sheet will cut out 6 ear sections so 3 total headbands)

Mouse ear template found here.

I just traced out the template onto the foam, cut the foam out, hot glued onto the headband and wallah!

Easy Peasy.

Half will be Mickey and half will be Minnie.

Birthday Time Capsule

This is what I'm most excited for on her birthday. All her guests will write a note to her to be locked away for 20 years. On her 21st birthday she will find out about the time capsule and will receive notes from that day, photos, a copy of the birthday invitation, a letter from Mommy and Daddy, $200 in $2 bills (a weird family tradition) and other miscellaneous items from her very first birthday. 

I found these red and black polka dot cards with envelopes in the dollar bin while checking out at JoAnn fabrics, how PERFECT! Haven't yet decided what the perfect capsule will be but I'll be sure to update in July after her party. 

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Almost forgot!

I am impatiently waiting for this crown to arrive from Little Blue Olive. I ordered it about a month ago and it still hasn't shipped. Not bitching, just letting those know who are thinking about getting one for their kid to order ahead of time.

Seriously though, how cute is it???

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