First time at daycare

On Tuesday we took a spontaneous trip to the Casino for an overnight stay for some family fun. We decided that every year in the winter we will plan a family stay-cation there for the night. There's bowling, the arcade, swimming, buffets, a daycare so Mom & Dad can go have a beer or two for a couple hours then at the end of the night everyone snuggles into bed together in our pajamas, rent a movie and order some dessert room service. How perfect is that?

We took Olivia to their onsite daycare which was the very first time anyone would be watching her that didn't know us. Strangers. Eek! I was a nervous wreck. The two girls there who checked us in were very sweet and friendly but that didn't matter in my always-thinking-the-worst-possible-scenario-brain. When we arrived there weren't any other kids around; Olivia will do well whenever other children are present so this was worry#1 for Mom. I handed her to the gal and they walked back to the play area. Olivia didn't cry right away until she saw that we were more than 20 feet away from each other. Tears.

We got checked in and reluctantly waved bye-bye to our crying baby. I didn't want to leave her but Rich insisted she would be just fine.

We wandered around and found a bar so we stopped for a beer and a burger. I wouldn't stop talking about her.
T: I don't want her to think we abandoned her. Do you think she's thinking we left forever? 
R: No, she's fine.
T: But what if she's not? Can we just go check on her please?
R: Yes, we can. 

We go to the daycare (I fast walked/jogged) and found her quietly rocking with the daycare attendant.


We head back to the casino. We aren't big gamblers so we each put a $20 in and called it a day. I sat at a machine next to a little old lady who asked:
LOL: Do you know this game works?
T: Nope, alls I know is I'm losing money.
LOL: Teeheehee Oh me too deary. 

I lost my $20 faster than a hot knife through butter. I found Rich playing blackjack which I don't know the first thing about so I went back to the bar to grab us a couple more beers. While I was settling up a man looking a lot like Mickey Rooney was giving me the 'ol up and down check out stare.

MR: Well hey there good looking' look at you. 
T: Hi!

Walked away giving myself a pat on the back. Stiiiiilll got it….

I told him I wanted to check on Olivia again so I darted back to the daycare and saw her playing dress up with another little girl. N'awww…. back to the casino I go.

My big win:

A big fat 50cents that I forgot to cash in so it now sits at the bottom of my purse.

Rich and I went to the arcade because we're both just big kids at heart.

We picked up our little lady and all went bowling. She loved the sounds and the lights.

Real mature Rich, I was Fart Mouth by the way
After we were all tuckered out we headed back to the room for some room service and movies.

Checkout we stopped at the buffet where Olivia had her first taste of Mac 'n Cheese.

No manners at all

All in all a very fun spontaneous overnight trip for the 3 of us.

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